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Teatro IlocandiaAnother selfie

Dressing the part and feeling like a schoolgirl at the Mariano Marcos State University-Batac:)

I was there the whole day to judge the first CBEA Integrated Marketing Communication: Reinventing Marketing Competitions — the three competitions focused on Solid Waste Management, MMSU Best Products and Ilocos Tourism. Very much appreciated is the idea behind project — inculcating the need to recognize the importance of keeping the environment more livable and raising awareness; fostering a culture of tourism, and cultivating the potentials of future trailblazers in the field of marketing in addition to piloting business students to master designing/implementing marketing plans.


The competitors displayed their skills and creativity. Some showed professional-like excellence while others offered great vision with workable strategies. The virtual demonstration with a palpable spirit is an impressive first that hopefully becomes a regular thing if the goal is to train the young more aggressively in tune with the times.

Integrated Marketing Communication-Solid Waste Management CompetitionIntegrated Marketing Communication: Reinventing Marketing - Ilocos Tourism CompetitionIntegrated Marketing Communication: Reinventing Marketing CompetitionIntegrated Marketing Communication Awarding CeremonyIMC: Solid Waste Management Competition Instagreen,winner

Enjoy much being around young minds. I regret backing out of a teaching job offer at one point in time. I envy co-blogger Herdy La Yumul ( for his passion in teaching. He also stayed and  judged all three competitions, showing not a  sign of enervation.


To the organizers, my pleasure to have spent one whole day in the campus. Thank you and congratulations to each and everyone.

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Davila Mangrove Cleanup with MMSU students

Teacher Herdy asked Eugene if I wanted to join his MMSU  Batac students for a National Service Training Program Civil Welfare Training Service (NSTP CWTS) cleanup activity in Davila, Pasuquin. I wasn’t able to go the first time, but last Saturday, I made sure I would be one of the volunteers. I’m happy that there are more people who are taking notice of the importance of our mangrove ecosystems. We need to take good care of these natural structures for sustainable coastal and marine resources and protection against typhoons and soil erosion. Let us not choke up our mangroves with plastics and other pollutants, neither cut off the mangrove trees.

Mangrove propagules.

Huwag i-bonsai!

The distinct finger-like roots of mangrove trees.

Fish habitat.

Mangroves are crucial to fight tsunamis.

Kudos to the MMSU Batac BS Computer Science and BS Math student volunteers and their class adviser.

More threats to the mangroves.

Making sure the garbage goes to the city landfill.

Si Manong naman. Nagmukha akong Senadora with verbal diarrhea after seeing the minibus driver empty the back luggage compartment of the garbage bags full of plastic trash the kids initially loaded. And where? Naku po! At the end of the narrow road leading to the highway. Pina-load ko nga uli.

Thank  you to the Barangay Davila Officialdom headed by Barangay Captain Agoo.
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