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Dressing the part and feeling like a schoolgirl at the Mariano Marcos State University-Batac:)

I was there the whole day to judge the first CBEA Integrated Marketing Communication: Reinventing Marketing Competitions — the three competitions focused on Solid Waste Management, MMSU Best Products and Ilocos Tourism. Very much appreciated is the idea behind project — inculcating the need to recognize the importance of keeping the environment more livable and raising awareness; fostering a culture of tourism, and cultivating the potentials of future trailblazers in the field of marketing in addition to piloting business students to master designing/implementing marketing plans.


The competitors displayed their skills and creativity. Some showed professional-like excellence while others offered great vision with workable strategies. The virtual demonstration with a palpable spirit is an impressive first that hopefully becomes a regular thing if the goal is to train the young more aggressively in tune with the times.

Integrated Marketing Communication-Solid Waste Management CompetitionIntegrated Marketing Communication: Reinventing Marketing - Ilocos Tourism CompetitionIntegrated Marketing Communication: Reinventing Marketing CompetitionIntegrated Marketing Communication Awarding CeremonyIMC: Solid Waste Management Competition Instagreen,winner

Enjoy much being around young minds. I regret backing out of a teaching job offer at one point in time. I envy co-blogger Herdy La Yumul ( for his passion in teaching. He also stayed and  judged all three competitions, showing not a  sign of enervation.


To the organizers, my pleasure to have spent one whole day in the campus. Thank you and congratulations to each and everyone.

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