Batac Miki at Jannete’s Place on a Rainy Sunday Evening

Batac Miki

A soothing and filling miki is exactly the soul soup on a sleepy Sunday night. Went back to Jannete’s Place, located among the merienda stalls facing the Batac Riverside Empanadahan after making that wonderful discovery with FoodPrints.

I’m not too fond of egg, so I asked them not to throw Brandon’s into his bowl for me to shoot. Mine is perfect with just chicharon and Ilocos suka ken sili.

Laoag on a Rainy Sunday Afternoon

Wet Laoag streets.

Jannete's Place

Taken in between shoots for FoodPrints, debuting on the Lifestyle Network this Sept. 7, 8:30 PM. Photo courtesy of Ms. Jannete Sonorjo Gabriel (in black), standing right next to host Chef Sandy Daza..

Batac Miki

Miki noodles are handmade and quality depends on where you eat it. I like the way Jannete does her noodles, nicely al dente and slightly seasoned. Lusay noodles in miki is so unappetizing no matter how tasty the soup would be! I tried once to ask her secret recipe, but failed:)


Brandon’s bowl.

Jannete's Place, Batac

I haven’t been to their branch in Laoag.  Jannete says it’s somewhere near the Fariñas bus terminal and Cockhouse. Eugene also drops by the stall in Batac quite often. On busy days, students from MMSU Batac and nearby schools would troop to Jannete’s Place. I noticed halo-halo is also a bestseller.

Jannete's Place, Batac

If you’re eager to try tasty miki, but can’t visit Ilocos soon, though we’d be so happy to have you here, here’s our own recipe at home.

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Laoag’s Christine’s Miki Haus

Looking for a place to eat delicious native food in Laoag can be quite tricky. If you’re raring to try something in particular, a good person to ask is a tricycle driver — he’s always out in the streets and is more or less familiar with the more frequented eateries in town. So if you’re aiming for miki, most likely he’ll recommend Christine’s Miki Haus. Christine’s Miki Haus has been around since 1995. The pagmikian used to be no more than one table, which can seat merely six people. It got bigger and bigger, and in 2001, owners Cora and Roger Cendaña modified their home (just right across the old location) to make room for a newer air-conditioned Christine’s Miki Haus, which can hold several large groups at the same time. For the not-so-closely-acquainted with Ilocano cuisine, miki is thick chicken soup consisting of homemade noodles, chicharon bits, and topped with chicken floss. Recipes will vary depending on the maker’s taste. Christine’s miki has consistently had the down-home style with classic appeal. Resembling the savory miki of yore, the noodles are not too thick and don’t turn soggy at all. There is that authenticity that only homegrown locals can easily discern.Very affordable, miki with lumpia (spring roll), puto (steamed rice cake) or pork barbecue will cost anywhere between 50-80 pesos. Note: Miki is best eaten with a drizzle of well-aged sukang Iloco with sili. Happy chow time!

Christine’s Miki Haus (Open from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM) 33 Paco Roman St., Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

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Miki Iloco

This Ilocano dish is called miki. It’s been around after many Chinese migrated to Ilocos. Mi is Chinese for noodles. The assiduous Ilocanos, perhaps, wanted something more filling than the original Chinese clear broth poured over noodles, and invented the heavier  miki with a thick soup akin to bisque.

Miki is usually served at  birthday merienda gatherings and  lamays. Miki houses are not hard to find… but finding the best miki is like finding Nemo. There are many variations, though. Some like it with pork… others make use of tukmem (fresh water shellfish). The best miki I’ve had was made with seasonal fresh crablet fat. I’ve had it only once in my life. Gosh, I wonder why no one makes it other than Encarnacion? The most common miki is made with homemade noodles and chicken floss in creamy chicken soup. It is very popular among the younger set. The price list is the obvious clue.

I came to discover M & D Store and Miki House through  my 12-year old son, a certified foodie. It’s my second time to go with him just this afternoon. Their miki was the same like the first time I tried it. The noodles was al dente and the soup was rich and tasty… absolutely better than miki I’ve had in other miki houses before. I asked the owner what her secret is and she showed me around her kitchen. “I only use first-class flour”, she revealed.

M & D Store and Mike House, 74 P. Acosta St. (former Siazon Road), Laoag, Ilocos Norte

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