Typically me on a Thursday

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Have to be thankful for the fact that I still have a day each week, happily exploring my current home.

I’ve added Vicious Dogs at the Noho Arts District to my top hotdog joint collection. Krusty Krab with crab cake-topped hotdog, Chicago dog and the last of the limited edition (as in only one left) bbq pulled pork were good choices for a first time customer.

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No Thursday is complete without sweetness. I was thrilled to see avocado paleta at La Michoacana. Got guava and wanted more like I saw eggnog, cucumber and a lot more in exciting colors.

‘Coz it’s LA, also had raspados con lechera and a dulce de leche-filled churro.


I was expecting a teddy jacket kind of season, but this is how we do winter in LA.

For my next post, I’m doing my current fave MLBB.

Share Tea one drink a day challenge: Passionfruit, orange and grapefruit tea

Passionfruit, Orange and Grapefruit Tea

My eating buddies Marianne and Joan picked me up for a Share Tea date, but I took them first to the now open Tacos del Norte (check out photos below). I got passionfruit, orange and grapefruit tea to go with the soft taco and burrito. The fruity tea was a perfect choice. It is a crisp mix of bold passionfruit, and citrus notes, topped off with a subtle salty plum twist. Slightly buttery, yet delightfully thirst-quenching. One of Share Tea’s better teas.

We got to chat with Hanson Chua and it’s nice to know that Share Tea brews their own tea leaves and never use powdered mixes unlike other teashops.


The dried plum which I didn’t notice while sipping my tea.

Tacos del Nortetacos del norte collage

Marianne and Joan had beef soft tacos while I had fish, and we got one more fish burrito to sample. They use cabbage for the tacos while Iceberg lettuce is used for the burrito. Both were good. The rice mix was flavorful and I got excited seeing guacamole, making it authentic Mexican. Happy tres amigas.

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