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Fairy Drops

I’ve been living quite fast the past months. Thanking my heroes for being there when I need them most.

Hero # 1: Fairy Drops Creamy Treatment Base Mascara

Got this on sale at Red Dot. It’s something you put on before applying mascara. It contains fiber to makes lashes appear fatter and longer. It should be compatible with any mascara of your choice.

Hero #2: Fairy Drops Platinum Mascara Waterproof

A bit pricey, but it was also on sale. It’s very black and the unique wand reaches the base of the lashes well, minimizing smudges. Same as the outer corners where I usually have a hard time. It is made up of fibers, so lashes appear dramatically fuller. Fairy Drops is a Japanese brand.

Fairy Drops Base and MascaraMeMeMe

Hero #3: MeMeMe Angels with Halos Skin Illuminator

This tinted moisturizer, with light-reflecting particles, used under foundation, gives a subtle glowy look to the skin. I like using it under the eyes, along the bridge of the nose, and above and under the lips. Wore it under a thin veil of Ben Nye Luxury Powder to the beach (here).

Hero #4: MeMeMe Beat the Blues Liquid Highlighter in Oyster Gold

I actually like this more than Benefit Sunbeam. The soft golden highlights are flattering and suitable for most complexions. It can be mixed with liquid foundation for a dewy look, but I prefer just using it on certain areas over foundation for evening makeup. It feels comfortable on the skin and stays put throughout the night under finishing powder.

MeMeMe Eye Sweep

Hero #5: MeMeMe Eye Sweep Precision Eye Definer

MeMeMe Eye Sweep is a pen type eyeliner that is so simple to apply. The finish is sleek and fab. I prefer it to gel type eyeliners.

Milani Hermosa Rose Illuminating Face Powder Powder

Hero #6: Milani Illuminating Face Powder in Hermosa Rose

Milani Hermosa Rose is a versatile powder that can be used as a bronzer or highlighter. I like using it around the jaw area, above the outer brows and near the ears. With a tiny eye brush, I’d also swipe the darkest shade of beige to contour the sides of the nose. The yellow shade goes under the brows and the inner eye corners when I’m too lazy to reach the eyeshadow.

Sleek MakeUP Pout Polish SPF 15

Hero #7: Sleek MakeUp Pout Polish SPF 15

On days when I feel like dressing down, this is the perfect lip product. The not so subtle Scandal and Perfect Plum are my absolute favorites. It’s like lip balm with more color, without the waxy feeling. Plus, the SPF makes it doubly special.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

Beauty on the Beach: Find Your Light

Beach Look

No matter what, I refuse to go ultra bare outdoors. The sun washes out my medium/fair complexion, I’d look dead without color. I’m also not flawless. Beach makeup however does not necessarily have to be like the usual. I’ve turned darker except for the face from too much time spent outside the past 3 weeks So inside my beach vanity bag, I threw in my magical Ben Nye luxury powder to keep my face dry from the elements. Without brow makeup, I’d look horrible under the sun, so MAC Espresso is precious, like if I had to choose one product I can’t live without, it has to be MAC Espresso. I should be given a loyalty award, through thick and thin, I’ve been loyal to this brown eyeshadow used as brow filler even before Estée Lauder acquired MAC.

Tokidoki Luminosa Powder

For some faux sun-kissed glow, I’m glad to have found gentle illuminating powders that reflect light and double as blush and bronzer, depending on how you’d use them. They justify skipping the foundation, tada! In place of plain sunblock, I mixed in a little MeMeMe Angels with Halos Skin Illuminator (it’s tinted) with Let It B WasaB with SPF 30++ BB Cream for overall protection and dewiness; amplified the high planes of the face with Tokidoki Luminosa Powder (also used it on the decolletage); and swirled in Milani Iluminating Face Powder 02 Hermosa Rose on the apples of the cheeks, above the outer brows, and on the jaw area. My lipstick of choice is the über moisturizing Korres Mango Lip Butter with SPF 10 in Natural Pink. My gauge if a product works besides how it’d physically react with my skin is how well it photographs. 

Voilà! A foundation free, eye makeup free glow:)

Find Your LightAngels Halos

Angels with Halos Celestial Haze looks peachy with pink undertones, but surprisingly goes on natural when applied with BB cream or foundation. It’s blendable and the illumining effect is so soft and subtle, absolutely not anything near a disco ball. Happily, MeMeMe makeup is available at Red Dot. BTW, they have this nice, very user-friendly art felt-tip pen to line the eyes.

It was raining in Ilocos, but we found light in Pagudpud! Sunshine!

At the end of the day, positive glow comes from within.

MeMeMe Angels Halos
Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

The Nail Lounge Gel Manicure, MeMeMe Coral Cloak Lips and Buzzed Hair

EzFlow TruGel Fairy-Pairy-Winkle

Hey, girls! The Nail Lounge in Laoag has gel manicure. Manang Biday is on trend, ha! Found time this afternoon to see my fave nail artists Queenie and Maricel. You should reserve at least 2 hours for this indulgence ‘coz it entails 2-minute curing with UV lamp after every coat, which is 5 coats of color during the entire color process.

EzFlow TruGel Polish

I fancied the crayola periwinkle, named Fairy-Pairy-Winkle, which brings back childhood memories. According to those who’ve tried it, gel polish is chip-resistant and outlasts the time of (obvious) nail growth. As for now, I like the shiny finish. Pricey, but it’s the price of 3 regular manicures, so it’s not that expensive, on second thought. They have a special color remover for the gel manicure, but they advise you to give your nails a rest, about one week in between manicures.

I’ve started writing about something on reliable names in the beauty department in Ilocos. Not yet complete ‘coz I want to try for myself all the suggestions from friends in Facebook.

UV Lamp@The Nail Lounge@The Nail LoungeMeMeMe

I put on the MeMeMe Long Wear Satin Lip Cream in Coral Cloak I bought earlier this month. It looks exactly like the color in the box, a coral, leaning more towards orange that screams retro. The British drugstore lipstick looks pretty expensive. It comes in a box with a Greek goddess on it. The tube itself is lovely. The lipstick is enriched with vitamin E and shea butter, which actually keep the lips soft. It’s very creamy and fairly pigmented, but the excess shine bothers me a little. It lasts quite long.  After dinner, I went out without retouching and the stain looked nice. I think I want to just dab it in the lips when I use it again.

MeMeMe Long Wear Satin Lip Cream Coral Cloak

SelfieMeMeMe Long Wear Satin Lip Cream Coral CloakBuzzed

Have I told you I cut my own hair? Except the back, of course, when it’s as short as this. A barber does it for me.

Have a happy Sunday, everyone!

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013