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Gloss Nail Spa LA

Nikko, my younger sister, brought me to Gloss Nail Spa for mani/pedi and sister bonding time. She has been seeing the nail place on Sunset for more than a decade now. I actually do my own when I’m abroad.

Nail Spas are bigger here. Minus the massage chairs, Gloss looks more like an art studio. It’s hard choosing one nail color when they have all the brands and finishes.

Gloss Nail Spa LAGloss Nail Spa LAGloss Nail Spa LADSC_3813

A soothing citrus scrub and massage followed after foot and hand bath. It was actually my favorite part of the mani/pedi. Yup, melting.

Nail cleaning and sculpting is basically like the way it’s done in the Philippines. I appreciated the light touch. Nail painting is neat. They use a brush dipped in polish remover to tidy up edges.

UntitledGloss Nail Spa LA

China Glaze lasts longer. It’s my choice even when I’m home. Will definitely go to this place again if only for the complete nail spa service.

Gloss Nail Spa 2911 W. Sunset Blvd. Phone: 323 669-3977

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sweet and spicy me

Summer’s long over, and so is my fascination with crayola brights. Wild about this lovely delicate pink nail enamel I found at the Revlon counter in Robinsons Department Store. It’s aptly named Pink Chiffon. It’s like going through an Essie Ballet Slippers phase once again.

Brought along the Pink Chiffon to Ellitoes. Remember the nail place? It was packed with with Fil-Swiss teenage girls and their moms. I thought they might not be able to take me in, but they did squeeze me in. I asked Joyce for a massage while waiting for my turn at the spa chair.

Pink Chiffon was easy to apply. No streaks. Went for a third coat and it looked even better, like cotton candy pink.

Pretty Mara Manuel, the manager I suppose, offered me a cup of rice tea and cookies.In stark contrast to my pink nails, I chose the Ellitoes BNC black on the toenails. I originally wanted black and white art, but I’m entitled to change my mind☺, and so I asked for glittery stars over my inky toenails. Kinda glam, hahah, something Ericke would want, too.Ellitoes hand and Foot Care Center is at #65 Rizal St. (beside Papa Pau’s Diner) in Laoag City. For inquiries and reservations, contact: local, (077)771-5457, mobile, (+63)932 723 9335. Besides mani-pedi, nail art and massage, they offer other services such as paraffin wax treatment and hand and foot spa. It’s also a fun place for a party, a spa party, perhaps? You’d love it that WiFi access is free.Discovered a parked cool Columbia bicycle as I was about to leave. Oh, it’s owned by Paolo, Mara’s bro. We hit it off right away, and then we started talking about Schwinns, and even Patrias. He’s got a super nice LED headlight. I like his itsy bitsy bike bell (hidden in photo).

Photographed by Blauearth and Pops Manuel © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved