Taste N See Toasted Pastillas from Bulacan

Pinasong Pastillas

Fresh creamy pastillas from Bulacan was a childhood favorite. I saw how pastillas is cooked during a FoodPrints adventure with Chef Sandy Daza in the northern province nearest to Manila, and we sampled hubad na pastilyas (undressed, which means the milk candy is not wrapped in typical fashion, rather, it is packaged in round containers). Discovered another take on the Bulacan pastillas. Reviews on the toasted pastillas that has gone viral are mixed. While others find it too sweet for comfort, pastillas de leche fanatics swear by its addicting quality. Martine sent some to Ericke. I honestly ignored it at first ‘coz Alexa’s nanny wasn’t enthusiastic about it.

Taste n See

The three packs of Taste N See toasted pastillas arrive in LA. Almost eaten in less than two days. So there, I sent Eugene to buy a few packs at the Lucky Chinatown Weekend Gourmet Market.

Taste n See Pastillas

I opened a pack. It’s the sweet kind of pastillas, probably made with condensed milk, and made even more sweet with a coating of sugar, and then seared to let it caramelize. I call it the “pinaso na pastilyas”. My first cube, I don’t know, the texture was gritty, reminded me weirdly of Valda pastillas. After trying all sorts of tricks, hahah, you know what I mean, I let it melt in the mouth. That’s when I start to realize this pastillas is special. The milky side is played up by the burnt flavors of sugar in such a beautiful manner. The more you eat, the more you will discover the endearing qualities of these Malolos-made pastillas.


Taste and see the other flavors such as cookies and cream, plain milk and caramel.

Taste N See
Malolos, Bulacan
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Time stands still at the Don Antonio Bautista Mansion in Malolos


The Bautista-Uytangcoy Mansion on Sto. Niño in The Camestisuhan District (the old enclave of rich Sangleys and Ilustrados) in Malolos is a beautiful oddity in this day and age when bygone residences and buildings are one by one being torn down, letting remnants of the past vanish into thin air. This 1850s neoclassical mansion, redecorated in 1877 in French Art Nouveau style was witness to multifarious conversations, including classified, for the most part near the turn of the century after Jose Rizal returned to Manila to form La Liga Filipina and before his exile to Dapitan (when he met the 21 women of Malolos), and the different periods when the house was converted as a municipio, and then as a Japanese barracks, until current resident, famous film set designer Dez Bautista (filmography includes Katorse, Nympha, Diosa, Stepsisters, Tatarin, etc.), restored his ancestral home and added touches of Chinoiserie, blending gracefully with Filipiniana and colonial-style decor, and his vast collection of antiquities, among them artworks from the masters like Juan Luna, Fernando Amorsolo and Hidalgo.

The Bautista MansionA Maloleño MansionFilipinianaChinoiserieOriginal Fernando Amorsolo Sketch

An original sketch by Fernando Amorsolo from his younger days as artist.

Touches of ChinoiserieMemorabiliaVerandahGramophoneDEZ with FVR

Dez Bautista founded the Production Designers Guild of the Philippines (PDGP). He is also a food historian and a professor.

Remembering History

An original Juan Luna sketch hangs on the wall. The Ilocano in me got wild a little inside:)

Original Juan Luna SketchColonial CeilingEmpanada de KaliskisHamon BulakeñaHeritage Bulacan Dishes

The most bracing atsara (atchara) ever! Made with dampalit, indigenous to Bulacan, usually found in fish ponds. Awesome with Dez’s yummy sweet and saltish Hamon Bulakeña!

Meeting Dez Bautista

My brief convesation with Dez Bautista

Do you cook yourself?

I tell my cusinera… I direct.

How would you describe Filipino food in 3 words?

Varied, original, fresh. When I say fresh, it needs to be cooked agad.

If you were gone tomorrow, what would you have for dinner?

We’re having crabs tonight. Whatever comes.

VintageTime Stands Still

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