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Delicious Restaurant

Meet my dad and mom. They’re back in LA after a few days vacation in the Philippines. Dad loves Chinese food, most specially maki at Delicious. BTW, still the best maki in Chinatown. Mom loves pancit and Ilocano food, but will eat anything.

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Delicious Restaurant 580 F. Torres St. cor. G. Puyat, Sta. Cruz, Manila, Sta. Cruz Tel No.: +63 27330394

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Mañosa’s Shin Din Kha Maki Place

Fish Maki

Anywhere you go in Binondo, there is always something eye catching for the foodie. Lately, Benavidez is turning into an interesting one-street food destination, if you’re not the person who likes to walk a lot. There’s a nearby parking lot, so you can conveniently step out into a street with food places that won’t hurt your pocket.

We tried two places during our last Manila trip. Place no. 1 to add to your Binondo food trip is Shin Din Kha Maki Place for maki and maki mi and a whole lot more. It’s operated by the same family behind the iconic Mañosa Restaurant Co. (here). By  the way, it’s sad to hear that the old panciteria on Ongpin St. got burned down only recently. Maki Place says, it will take maybe 2-3 months before it reopens. So, for the fans of Mañosa, Maki Place is an alternative. Just please be forewarned that the chami of Maki Place is not the same chami you’re used to. I think they don’t put that pungent sate in it.

Maki PlaceMaki

But anyway, the maki and ngohiong (kikiam-like pork rolls) you love are pretty much the same. A new discovery is their fish maki. In stark contrast to say pork or beef maki, it is so white and devoid of soy sauce. Maki is an acquired taste. It isn’t maki if it’s not thick and sticky. Maki mi is the same gooey soup with the addition of noodles.

Check out place no. 2 in the next post

Maki Place 2KikiamSiomai

Their siomai is like the huge, dense siomai in the olden days. We ordered salt and pepper pork, but their version is the sauteed kind. The Hainan chicken was a bit disappointing, but on the whole, Maki Place is still one good stop for old-time favorites that will bring you back to your grandmother or mother’s cooking in your younger years.

Salt and Pepper PorkHainan Chicken

Shin Din Kha Maki Place 916 Benavidez St (02) 516 4644 Open 9 AM-10 PM.

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A sense of warm nostalgia: Ongpin Mañosa Restaurant Co.

A gastronomic adventure in Binondo’s Chinatown, the world’s oldest Chinatown (established in 1594) and one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines, is not total without eating at the seven-decade-old Ongpin Mañosa Restaurant Co.. Oldsters and habitues belonging to the Gen X’ers will attest to the fact that Mañosa’s chami or pancit guisado (either the regular or the special) is still high in desirability. Cha bihon, rellenong hipon, large siomai and maki are similarly sought-after.

I had a 95-peso regular pancit (with thick noodles). I give my word — the BEST chami I’ve ever had! I know when food is laden with MSG. Mañosa’s pancit tastes remarkable with the natural flavors of sauteed kikiam (pork roll), rellenong hipon (stuffed shrimps) and the like. I had a bit of the maki and the meat was so tender and likewise satisfying. Now I understand why food enthusiasts rave about this quaint restaurant on this bustling part of Manila.

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