Candy Tray Etude House

Etude House 2

I got carried away by the virtual eye candy that is Etude House, that Korean makeup store I spotted in SM Baguio. Stepped inside to find lip balm for Alexa, but wound up buying 3 items for myself as well — peachy pink blushes for the sunny days and a tube of crystal clear lip gloss which I’ve never ever bought  before.

Etude HouseEtude House 3

Alexa easily picked a peachy Kissfull Lip Care #2 in cute retro packaging. Swatched the several blushers and fell for the non-chalky pink color of My Lovely Cookie Blusher in #7 Rose Macaron and the Nars Orgasm-like tones the shimmery duo OR202 of the Dear My Blooming Cheeks line creates.

Etude House 3

My sensitive skin likes both the two formulations. Wearing Rose Macaron for day a lot these days. It’s a warm pink that looks natural. I’m still getting used to the high beam feature of the versatile Dear My Blooming Cheeks though. The colors can be worn individually.

I got a Dear Darling Roll Roll Gloss to wear with my old lip colors. The hint of candy flavor is cute, such pretty stuff to thin down and transform a too matte or highly pigmented lipstick for the summer.

Etude House’s packaging screams dolly and sweet, yet nicely made. Prices are reasonable.

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Lippy Christmas

I didn’t intend to buy lipgloss when I ran an errand to Robinsons. I passed by the Revlon counter and glanced upon the new Colorburst Lipgloss display with gorgeous on-trend colors. Lipgloss is one of the things I never leave home without. My lips are on the thin side, so I prefer plumping slick gloss on my lips — such a hard habit to break. Without even testing, I asked the sales assistant for a Papaya, a true coral that looks great in the tube. It brought to mind L’Oréal Glam Shine Mambo Juice, which I loved when it it first came out, but like all lip colors they get boring after a while. Unlike Mambo Juice, Papaya has a nice subtle shimmer.

I actually picked one more, Hot Pink, a sparkly rich fuchsia. This one I had to test because the glitter is a bit iffy. Surprisingly, it’s opaque like its name suggests, though it looks a tad lighter on the lips; the tiny sparkles reflect light very nicely. I like its creamy-and-not-gooey texture, and it’s  easy to apply even with a finger while testing. The feel is like Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss. The taste and scent is faint, almost none. Hot Pink is pretty intense but not loud and I can see myself wearing it to gatherings this season. Instant love!

It falls short on the long-lasting factor. But even expensive designer lipsticks need constant reapplication. I plan to go back for Strawberry and Fire (a true red) when they have ’em in stock. BTW, love the new look of Revlon products! The quilt looks so chic.

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Read my lips

I’ve been into long-wearing lipgloss for the longest time after my Laura Mercier Healthy Lips and MAC Spice and Del Rio lipstick phase. Prominent in my make-up arsenal are my favorite lipglosses from L’Oréal — Juice in Mango and Glam Shine 6-Hour Brilliant Gloss in Dazzling Pink. I’ve tried so many lipglosses before, but nothing feels better and stays on the lips longer than those that I’ve mentioned. I guess, in a lip product, women want wearable color, natural and healthy looking texture, lasting power and comfortable feel on her lips. But, yes, women do get tired easily.

I’ve switched products so many times over. I had NARS Scandal before I discovered  and stayed with MAC Lipglass in Lychee, but not until I fell in love with Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect in A Stitch Of Brown. After realizing I wanted just glossy lips with no tint, I found Duwop Lip Venom and used it for a while ’til I suddenly wanted color, again, and went for the cheaper Maybelline Watershine Pure.  I haven’t finished the 2 tubes I got before I went back to my L’Oréal favorites.

Recently, I thought, I needed lip color with protective SPF for lazy outdoor days, so I made a quick trip to the make-up  counters in Robinsons Ilocos Norte. I found Revlon’s Beyond Natural Protective Lip Tint SPF 15. I got Peach and Rosy. I like the lightweight feel on the lips. It glides beautifully, leaves a good stain and I didn’t mind its slight old-fashioned lipstick smell which is pretty normal with most lipsticks and lip balms anyway. It also makes a good base for richer lip color products. I plan to check out the other natural shades. It’s a girl thing, you know… the mood swings☺

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