FoodPrints with Sandy Daza in Laguna

FoodPrints Laguna

Chef Sandy Daza continues his FoodPrints adventure in San Pablo, Laguna, roughly 88 km south of Manila. A city with an even-tempered personality, San Pablo is also known as “The City of Seven Lakes”.

Where there are lakes, there are bountiful forests. And where there are bountiful forests, culinary creativity is sparked.

Lake Sampaloc, San Pablo, LagunaSandy Daza in San Pablo, Laguna

Airing on Sunday, June 28, at 8pm on the Lifestyle Network, FoodPrints Laguna will take you to placid locales. Soft morning sunshine kicks in energy as Chef Sandy learns the ways of Lake Pandin. What better way to revel in nature than with locals! He moves on to the core of the city and gets a blend of arts, culture and heritage, uncovers new interesting food, gains an acquaintance with indigenous produce, plus the myriad of ways to use their revered coconut. Welcoming him into their kitchens are former magazine editor An Mercado Alcantara, fashion designer Patis Tesoro, who has found home in San Pablo, and the creative couple behind a little gem of a farm, among others. Appetite editor-in-chief Nina-Daza Puyat is once again taking the time out to join her brother Sandy.

Coco Tree SunriseLake PandinFoodPrints LagunaPatis TitoFoodPrints with Sandy Daza in LagunaSteamed Rice and LongganisaLongganisaPlantsadoFoodPrints LagunaFoodPrintsFoodPrints LagunaFoodPrints LagunaFoodPrints with Sandy Daza in Laguna
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FoodPrints with Sandy Daza: From the cobbled streets of Vigan to the back road of Ilocos Sur

FoodPrints Ilocos Sur

If you will remember, Chef Sandy Daza began his FoodPrints journey in Ilocos Norte. On Season 3, he goes to neighboring Ilocos Sur to dig deeper into the humble Ilocano “banga”.

Casa CaridadLocal Flavors of Ilocos Sur

Ilocos Sur has a truly interesting history. Many say the province throws back the entire history of the country because it has done a splendid job in preserving heritage.

The province’s cuisine is a fusion of ancient native and adopted traditions. To narrow it down, the Vigan cuisine alone is alone in many ways. The Vigan empanada and pipian, for example, are all theirs.

From storied Vigan, Sandy goes further to search the best bagnet and discovers “chicharon” and so much more along the road.

Vigan Bagnet

Tune in to FoodPrints on the Lifestyle Network on May 17 and May 24 (Sundays), 8PM, for the Ilocos Sur episodes. Sabsabali!

You might spot me there:)

Vigan Empanada and OkoyFoodPrints Ilocos Sur with Chef Sandy Daza (photo with Edmaration)Bistro 23Chef Sandy and Sta. Maria ChicharonDardarat Fishing VillageBounties of the SeaSandy Daza makes balicuchaVigan TortaBungro Ice CreamRoyal BibingkaPaella NegraDudolAbuos Pizza by Chef Nic RodriguezWho else can think of making abuos pizza?

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FoodPrints with Chef Sandy Daza in Iloilo and Guimaras

FoodPrints with Sandy Daza in Iloilo

The Filipino food culture is so diverse, with a very colorful history indeed, that there’s more than meets the eye.

Next to Baguio, Chef Sandy Daza’s adventure in Iloilo and Guimaras unearths the islands’ best kept secrets. The Ilonggo cooking lexicon teems with age-old words. We will get to feast our eyes on a traditional tabuan fare, prepared by Chef Tibong Jardeleza, and get to know what KBL means to Ilonggos.


On the other side of centuries-old recipes that give prominence and so much character to Ilonggo food, individual creative ingenuity lends additional life to the local food scene. Take the case of batchoy, no two names are the same.

FoodPrints Iloilo and Gumaras will surely excite the foodie in you. April 19 and 26 (Sundays) at 8 PM on the Lifestyle Network.

FoodPrints Batchoy WarsMoloFoodPrints IloiloMaridel's and Henry'sFried SumanCafe PanayTuronSlow-Grilled PorkTabuanMcNesterMcNester Work AreaMango TalksChef Sandy Daza in Jaro, IloiloPanaderia ni Pa-aIloilo traditional biscuits and pastriesYou will come across pastries with names like hojaldres, kinamonsil, rosquetes, biscocho principe, bañadas, biscocho de caña, everlasting, etc..

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