Going Places…Bantayan Island, Cebu

Ericke did it again. She goes with the cousins to Cebu to have a swell time. While frolicking on the sands of Bantayan Island, a photography crew tries to talk her into modeling for one of the new resorts. I think it’s for Anika’s promo materials. She looks typically Asian, she’s a real tourist, and she’d be shot with tall Swiss girls, “not sleazy” as she says, so there, she’s an accidental model in Cebu. BTW, she says that the hotel is green as in eco-friendly, sustainable:)) They gifted her with a free overnight stay certificate.

I don’t remember how many times I’ve been to the southern city. What can’t escape me is — we chose Cebu as our destination when the hubby and I eloped for the third and last time before my extrastrict mother finally gave her blessings. (Hello, mom!)

There’s so much history at the chapel (in downtown Cebu) housing the Magellan’s Cross. 1521, Ferdinand Magellan discovered the Philippines.

My favorite eating place in Cebu! I think I’ve blogged about AA BBQ in a very old post. The first time my friend brought us to the barbecue-han, we loved it so much, especially with puso (steamed rice wrapped in leaves) and tomato and sili in soy and suka island sawsawan (dip that’s even better than sinamak), that we had to go back the next day via a rented car:)

What we didn’t have was the baked scallops that she was raving about. Jeez, they look mouthwatering!

So jealous. No one goes to Cebu without pigging out on Zubuchon "best pig ever!" -- Anthony Bourdain's "best pig ever!"

She says -- the Zubuchon kamias shake is something one should explore.

I’m absolutely missing out on Cebu’s gastronomic treasures! And, of course, Bantayan Island, which I have yet  to explore.

His and hers Sinulog Festival  tees, otap, 7D dried mango and Mangorind pasalubong from Martine and Ericke. (Thanks!)

Bantayan Island and AA BBQ photos by Samantha Co, and Cebu and Zubuchon photos by Surprisingly Kitsch. Bottom photo by Blauearth.
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Pass the sunscreen

On our last day in Puerto Princesa, we went beaching around Honda Bay. “Ocean’s Ten” voted unanimously to go snorkeling in Dos Palmas, a resort on the Arreceffi Island, a little farther north than the more touristy Pandan Island. After two crazy, hectic days, it was difficult waking up at 5 AM. Our neighbor must have knocked on our door three times before I could take myself into the shower. It was only when we were in the boat at Sta. Lourdes Wharf that I realized I forgot to take along my waterproof camera case, ugh. The sunscreen? The sunscreen is never taken out of my tote.In an hour, I could feel the sun on all sides. The beach was alluringly beautiful! The smell of the sea is always evocative.

In Dos Palmas, we boarded a smaller boat that took us to a floating hut in the middle of the cerulean waters. What a blissful sight awaits us.

Palawan is a nature sanctuary. Palawan boasts of abundant and diverse marine life. It has been said that the Philippines is the world’s epicenter of marine biodiversity. With strict implementation of all the environment laws in the country, I do hope we will be able to protect and conserve this natural heritage for the next generations to enjoy.

Back to the shore.The snorkeling and kayaking package includes a wonderful seafood buffet lunch. The pechay spring rolls were lovely, but I ate more kutsinta and dudol. Oh, and ararosip.

I hope to be able to vist Coron and El Nido in the future. *Dos Palmas used to be a  posh place until that fateful day of May 27, 2001. (My prayers are with you, Gracia.)

Pandan Island

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved