Adams: Scaling the Path


In 2004, in this maze-like mountain town, my mountaineer friends and I were welcomed by blood-sucking limateks, I had to tackle a landslide on a denuded area in the fringes of Mt. Pao by rappelling via a string hammock, slept in a dripping tent under uncertainty, stayed close to our one and only guide on former rebels’ path, kept my senses keen for hunters’ booby traps, and by God’s grace, survived all of it. The energy inside the rainforest was unbelievable — surreal — I felt the power penetrating like a kyrptonite. It was a life-changing experience for me… I made a commitment to help conserve the last of the remaining primary forests in the north. (Story here.)


My good friend Leehua Lu, a successful Ilocano entrepreneur, hardworking and self-made, btw, called me up and invited me to be part of her birthday celebration in Adams. I gave my word right away.

I guess there’s that point in one’s life where the desires of the heart level up into something more meaningful and worthwhile. I’m happy for my friend for searching for that path.

DummapayAdams' WomenRaffle DrawFlashlightPadapadakamBirthday GirlNalabbasitRandy, Ramy, Romy - September 2012

Triplets Randy, Ramy and Romy now. Their mother shared a wonderful story about Randy (left), when he was about 1.5-years old, he suddenly disappeared at 5 pm. She was resigned to lose the mere baby only to find the unscathed Randy in the mountains the next day.

Randy, Ramy, Romy - April 2009

Randy, Ramy and Romy when I visited them in their home in Sitio Maligligay three years ago. The story: here.

[Photo credits: Photos of Blauearth grabbed from Leehua’s]

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