Laoag Pamulinawen Street Pageantry and Revelry

SunshineLaoag Street Pageantry

The Rizal Street, the main street of Laoag, was more blazing than ever, fitting droves of performers, revelers, devotees and onlookers.

The main entrance of the Laoag Supermarket was converted into a grandstand, accommodating the VIPs attending the Pamulinawen Festival 2013 Street Pageantry. I had a little unpleasant experience at the foot of the stage — the blogger that I am, I wanted to get a closer view of the dances, but I was shooed away by a man in pink tee, perhaps a city hall employee, ‘coz only photogs/media with pink IDs were allowed at the area according to him, as if I’d be causing a major distraction, LOL, me no amalayer. I just went back again, and squatted (literally on the ground) beside the quietly seated Councilor Tamayo. It’s my city, too, hello?! In fairness, everyone else was nice and seemed to be having a good time under the scorching heat.

Happy to share my overexposed photos, I like the look though:)

Upside DownChristian Espiritu

– Laoag’s pride, ace choreographer Christian Espiritu, the force behind the Laoag City Gymnastics Group.

Laoag Street Pageantry 2La Paz Drummersof a featherWonderingPamulinawen Festival Street RevelryStreet ShowIlocanaGleamPamulinawen FestivalTouristsMaverick Gomez and Co.

On the right: all the way from Barcelona, Spain, nineteener Maverick Gomez, TFC Europe Star Search winner.

The Laoag Mayor's Wife

– The Laoag Mayor’s wife, the indefatigable Chevylle Fariñas.

Pamulinawen DancersBigao
Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

The 17th Pamulinawen Festival Opening Parade

Laoag Pamulinawen Festival

The 2013 Laoag Pamulinawen Festival commenced with a civil-military parade. Rather than going west, the pink-dominated ribbon of people moved to the east, ending at the Laoag City Supermarket. Could it be the start of a new tradition? Or it might be the city’s latest feng shui:)

Fellow Laoagueños, happy fiesta time!

Pamulinawen Festival17th Pamulinawen FestivalLadies in PinkMayor and Mrs. Michael V. Farinas

– Laoag City Mayor Michael Versoza Fariñas, nearing the end of his term of office. Beside him is wife, Social Concerns and Tourism Chair and Association of Barangay Councils (ABC) President Chevylle Villanueva Fariñas, who’s running for Laoag City Mayor this coming midterm elections.

CVFBoys in PinkAwaitingLaoag Pamulinawen FestivalBeretTambor

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013