Laoag pigs out

Laoag Longaniza 7

Laoagueños were nervous watching the premier episode of FoodPrints with Chef Sandy Daza on the Lifestyle Network. And that included me, super! I wasn’t able to focus on the things I said about the better longaniza in Ilocos because I was awaiting Chef Sandy’s verdict. It would have been the end of my career as a blogger if I were wrong. But then again, taste is subjective, so here are photos of the Laoag longaniza made with the perfect mix of garlic, sukang Iloco, paminta and other secret ingredients.  In different tones and forms. I have a suki. Check out Rara’s.

It’s really nice and convenient for everyone ‘coz the specialty stalls occupy an outside space at the eastern portion of the Laoag Supermarket (Rizal St.) near the Ilocos products like cornik, yema, balicucha, bocayo, salamagi, etc.

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