Lanie’s Batac empanada: Deviating from tradition

Deconstructed Empanada

My most frequented empanadista in Batac, Lanie Simbulan (of Lanie’s Empanada), opens a Lanie’s Fastfood focusing on new forms of the uber popular orange turnover thingy while still maintaining her traditional empanadahan by the Batac Riverside.

We got curious. The old empanada is still offered, but as the diner from San Nicolas says, Lanie has made innovations. “Sa tinagal-tagal ko na sa Ilocos, ngayon lang ako nakakita ng ganito. Masarap.” He was referring to the tacos empanada laid in front his big group.


The tacos empanada is a semi-deconstructed empanada with a cheesy accent replacing the egg. Lanie also created the empanada burger with a green patty. I asked permission to photograph someone’s, so I really can’t make a precise description at this time. There’s also the bagnet burger.

Empanada BurgerEmpanada burgerLapitog:)shabu shabu

 In addition to the new ways of enjoying Batac empanada, shabu-shabu bowl, miki, lomi, bihon/canton guisado, silogs that include bagnetsilog, are on the menu. The turo-turo counter is filled with legit Ilocano dishes.

Ilocanos apparently are embracing the novelty. Manning the counter, Ceazar Torres says, the tacos empanada is the bestseller. Prices are good.

Lanie's MenuLanie's Fast Food

Lanie’s Fastfood Valdez St, Brgy. 1 – Concepcion, Batac City, Ilocos Norte Open from 8:30 to 1 AM. (Located near the Batac Shell station and the Immaculate Conception Church.)

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Lanie’s Empanada, Once and For All

Batac Empanada

Lanie is back rolling our favorite crunchy empanada and pinais at her post in the Batac Riverside Empanadahan. She got sidetracked with out of town fairs, causing confusion among the fans. We missed the Batac mayor by a mere 10 minutes at her stall.

So there, folks, it’s Lanie’s Empanada! Back by popular demand.

Ilocos Empanada by LanieLanie's Empanada, Batac, Ilocos NorteBatac EmpanadaLanie's EmpanadaRiverside Empanadahan

Empanada for dinner with the in-laws.

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On Spotlight: Batac Empanada by Lanie’s

If I were asked to choose what my Last Supper would be, it’s got to be Batac Empanada by Lanie’s Empanada at the Batac Riverside Empanadan.

She wouldn’t tell me her secret, but I’m certain, there is something about Lanie’s empanada that makes it the best among the rest. The shell is crunchier and the over-all taste leaves you wanting for more. Even my visiting Manileño friends always have double or triple servings; and on one instance, we were asked to tranport her empanada all the way to the big city, but during re-frying, the shell didn’t come out well and the filling was everywhere in the pan.

Tokneneng (battered quail eggs) and pinais, much like Lucban’s kiping, albeit thicker, are among Lanie’s specialties.

How Batac empanada is done

How I wish the photos come with a recipe. All I know is that the shell is made from rice flour and it is anatto or atsuete that lends the lovely golden orange tone to it. The filling is made with balatong (mongo beans), grated green papaya and the optional malasado (rare) or well-done egg and Batac longaniza. It is best eaten hot with sukang Iloco ken sili (Ilocos vinegar with chili peppers). Others favor ketchup with their empanadas.

Special (with everything in it) is 33 pesos and regular is 28 pesos.


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