The Panorama of Lake Pandin

Lake Pandin Sunrise

My adventures with the FoodPrints show on the Lifestyle Network have been permanently etched in my heart and mind. We not only explore the diverse flavors of the different regions in the country, but we also gain a wealth of fresh perspective.

Laguna, notably the city of San Pablo, was unexpectedly a beautiful respite not too far away from the hustle and bustle of Manila. On our second day in San Pablo, also known as the “City of Seven Lakes”, we trekked to Lake Pandin with our warm host in Casa San Pablo, former magazine editor An Mercado Alcantara. The sunset skies, the scenic view of Mounts Banahaw and San Cristobal and the crater lake itself were exhilarating.

Mount Banahaw-San Cristobal Protected LandscapeCoco Tree SunriseSunrise Over Lake Pandin

The center of Pandin Lake is said to be 65-70 meters deep. A community-based tourism, centering on fun lake activities like bamboo rafting, shrimping and picnicking, has been established to help sustain the local community. For a very reasonable fee, a visitor gets to enjoy gorgeous, pure nature and a great indigenous lunch.

With An Alcantara around, breakfast at Lake Pandin was so, so, so good. Not to mention the fresh, sweet shrimps Sandy and the fisherfolk caught.

More photos from our FoodPrints Laguna adventure in the coming posts.

Than perfect lightPalm SunriseBamboo RaftLake Pandin PaddlerA local paddler.FoodPrints LagunaCruising the Pandin LakeThe simple joys of lifeShrimpingPandin Lake - photo by Asunta RufinoFoodPrints at Pandin LakeGuinataang Hipon

*Special thanks to An Alnantara, Casa san Pablo,  the Lake Pandin community and the FoodPrints team.

Photo 12 courtesy of Asunta Rufino. Photos of author by Melanie de Leon.
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