Morning Light

Daniel Matsunaga

The photos were shot on a Sunday morning at three different locations. Japanese-Brazilian model/actor/recent Pinoy Big Brother winner Daniel Matsunaga was the last I photographed. At the Laoag International Airport, fans took turns for photo ops, but he was cool. I like taking photos of people, so I’m good adding this photo to my huge collection of portraits, naks. He’s cute, and nice, and he seems to be sincerely enjoying the adulation. Happy for people who work hard to earn a career.

These photos inspire me to shoot earlier in the day. We had breakfast at Kusina Ilocandia in Cabugao while waiting for friends, who were leaving Vigan, and then we dropped by Sitio Remedios before ending the morning at the Laoag airport.

Morning LightBokeh ChairsGarden LanternsKusina Ilocandia 2Welcome PlantKusina IlocandiaKusina Ilocandia 3Vigan Longaniza BreakfastLonganiza siopaoReny’s longaniza siopao. I like the result, but the filling is quite thin. Below is opia a la mode which is my kind of stimulating breakfast.Opia a la modeUntitledMangerMini Harpsnature's artCabugaoElementsButaka 3Sitio Remedios  4UntitledButaka 5Sitio Remedios 2Sitio RemediosbelfrySitio Remedios 3
Photos of me shot by Brandon
Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014

Cabugao’s Kusina Ilocandia

Kusina Ilocandia, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur

I first heard of this “native resto” from the hubby. Following in his footsteps is wonted.

Pinoy Christmas Decor

We actually got famished on our way home from San Juan. The Savellano-owned Cabugao restaurant is a good roadside eatery, located between Laoag and Vigan, serving old time favorites packed with local flavors. The ambiance is suggestive of an Ilocano ranch-style home.

Opia A La Mode

-I especially loved the wicked opia a la mode, a simple dessert of vanilla ice cream on a sweet crackling fan-shaped barquillo down a stream of chocolate syrup.


-Pindang is a local term for dried fish. This kind is atypically not salty, nice with sukang Iloko sawsawan (Ilocano vinegar).

Kusina Ilocandia

-(Clockwise) Ilocos longaniza (Ilocano sausage links), garlic mushrooms, Pinoy pork BBQ, miki (soup). The longaniza were tiny, really bitin. The hearty miki was huge, though, that I had to share it with the hubby.

The service was good, quick, and for the boozers, brown bottle is cheap. Warning: Don’t drink and drive.

Kusina Ilocandia National Highway, Cabugao, Ilocos Sur, Philippines

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012