BonChon in a Chicken-Loving Country

Bon Chon Korean Fried Chicken

The hubby and I were treated to dinner at BonChon, the Korean fastfood with more branches in the Philippines than in Korea. I hear the name often from Martine and Ericke.

Delving into the flavors of this KFC, as expected the chicken parts are loaded with a combination of sweet and spicy flavors. Glazed with soy sauce and fried to perfection, it’s a departure from the salty breaded chicken we’re so used to. They say their chicken is cooked twice. Really yummy but too skinny, as if trying to say it’s all about crispy skin on bones. Betty got us the group meal with chapchae noodles, sweet potato fries and iced tea. Chapchae is a love. Happily, the potato noodles were done in true tradition.

Bon Chon

Fried chicken Koreanified or is it the other way around?

Bon Chon Menu

At BonChon, there’s a lot more to discover than Korean fried chicken, crepes are crackling and coleslaw gets dressed up in red chili.

Bon ChonBon Chon Chap Chae and ChickenBon Chon

Is there really a battle between Chicken Joy and Chicken McDo?

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