Craving Kopi Roti

Kopi Roti Breakfast

Ali, Jeng and I almost missed our flight to Iloilo because of this Kopi Roti breakfast at Kopi Roti at the NAIA Terminal 3. And as usual, I am to blame because I had a difficult time choosing which bread to have with my iced kopi. And then I have to take photos of everything that passes down my maw.

Kopi Roti Kaya Toast

I’m not too familiar with Singaporean cuisine. I’ve tried Martine’s Kaya spread (in a bottle), a coconut jam famous in Singapore and Malaysia, before, but it was nothing spectacular at first try. The experience of bringing together a kaya toast, dripping in condensed milk, and perfectly soft boiled eggs, with what looked like chocolate, but is actually soya sauce and white pepper is something I’m craving about every morning. I’ve never had soft boiled eggs so good! The kopi bun, their signature bread, looked appetizing too. It’s meant to be dipped in the egg-soya sauce mixture. The coffee was surprisingly better than your average caffeine fix.

It was worth running about 50 ft to board the shuttle to the plane.

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