Kapuluan Vista Resort’s Yummy Healthy Menu

Dining at Kapuluan is always a great gastronomic experience and never complete without  their famous margarita. Alcohol, in moderate amounts, is good for the heart 🙂

Mike and Alma grow their own veggies… and flowers.

These organic veggies make their eats extra special.

I had this garlic and sun-dried tomato pasta. I wanted to have a second serving but we were running out of time. I’ll have it again next time. Mike says they dry their own tomatoes.

For non-vegans, the best burger in Ilocos, promise!! Consistently grilled the way we like it — kinda burnt on the outside but very juicy inside, and with lots of fresh greens.

Their homemade bread toasted the French way.

proper waste segregation

In a lot of aspects, eco-conscious Kapuluan Vista Resort leads.

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