Currimao Tupig, gone in 60 seconds…

On a dune bashing adventure with visitors from the Tourism Infrastructure Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), former Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA), we dropped by the Currimao municipio for a merienda prepared by the Municipal Tourism Officer. I had to call someone on the phone and I almost didn’t catch their buttery tupig loaded with heavenly flavors. Only one was left argh! Super bitin na bitin and my photo didn’t even turn out well:(

According to the pretty lady at the office, their tupig is a community livelihood project. Special boxes are made by the LGU to help the makers with better packaging and marketing of the food products.

Pugon (kiln) -baked traditional Ilocos tupig is made with glutinous rice flour, grated young coconut, coconut cream, toasted sesame seeds and molasses. Modern tupig makers have improved the art by incorporating butter into the recipe. Conventional ovens are now also being used by many.

The best tupig ever… as if made in heaven!!

Call these numbers for special orders. 77-773-1905/ 77-793-6930/ 77-793-6800
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Sanchez Mira’s suman sa lihiya at latik

This is the last of my Cagayan series. I’ve blogged about this suman paradise in Sanchez Mira before. On our way home, I bought eighty pesos worth of suman sa lihiya at latik at Rowena’s Bakeshop, practically a hole in the wall for travelers or tourists. It isn’t exactly a bakeshop with neat shelves of kakanin that one would normally expect. It is a garage turned preparation/selling area, where the pugon is located on one corner, with piled coconut husks near it.

My favorite kakanin next to sapin-sapin, patupat and dudol. Lihiya is lye. Prior to wrapping, the glutinous rice is soaked in lye water for 1-2 hours until it turns yellow. The latik, or coco jam, is made from coconut milk and palinang.

Rowena’s Bakeshop Barangay Nagrangtayan, Sanchez Mira, Cagayan
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