Sapin-Sapin at Dolor’s Kakanin

Dolor's Kakanin

No Christmas is complete without this beautiful vibrant disk of sapin-sapin from Malabon specially from Dolor’s Kakanin. The kakanin sampler is a top-selling product, reaching the provinces, also the homes of Filipinos living abroad. A pack of toasted grated coconut comes with every box of  assorted rice cakes consisting of biko, maja blanca, ube halaya, kutsinta and galapong bibingka.

Dolor is Dolores Guevarra,  one of the siblings of pioneering kakanin makers putting across their colorful kakanin in the Malabon market and the streets of La Loma since pre-WWII. Today, they have their own stores in Malabon and outlets in Metro Manila.

Holiday or non-holiday, Dolor’s sapin-sapin and other sticky stuff such as puto, cassava bibingka, pichi-pichi and newer varieties such as lite, made-to-order sugar-free, etc. stay on, bringing traditional kakanin flavors, surviving the emergence of a slew of adulterated, modified, mutated or commercialized Pinoy cakes in the market.

Dolor's Sapin-Sapin
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Arny-Dading’s Cheesy Peachy-Peachy

My sis-in-law brought home a pack of Arny-Dading’s Peachy-Peachy. She made bida that it’s the best of its kind, with loads of cheese. It sounded good, and looked good as well.

Perhaps, the owners wanted their pichi-pichi, or pitsi-pitsi, to be distinct and hence the new spelling of the Filipino name for steamed cassava balls with grated coconut topping. Theirs come with either coconut or cheese. According to Shirley, it’s peachy-peachy with cheese that makes them so popular.

I had one and it was really special. It was chewy, had the right sweetness, and the cheese blended so nicely, making it an entirely different pichi-pichi.

I just hated the styrofoam packaging. She said that it was 6 pesos per peachy-peachy. With such a great product, they could charge a little more for a healthier packaging, and  I wouldn’t ever complain.

Arny-Dading’s  Main: Gov. Pascual Ave., Brgy. Concepcion, Malabon 281-9758/ 281-8164  Branches: NGR Bldg., Casino St. cor. South Superhighway, Brgy. Palanan (near Cash and Carry), Makati 729-5689/ 550-8079 • Congressional Ave., Project 8, Q.C. 454-0883 207  • Katipunan Ave., Project 4, Q.C. 433-6443 • 27-B Kamias Road, Q.C. 496-7553

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved