The Lake House

The Lake House

There’s that one white house that catches the eye of a visitor of the legendary Paoay Lake. Only a true lover of nature and serenity would want to build a house around it. The lake is a national park, making it a classic, idyllic location, insomuch as residence owners benefit from the laws governing the protected park.

Stark white from afar, but a pale shade of dove grey up close, the lake house sits on an area measuring 1611 Sq m.

Let’s scrutinize life inside the lake house.

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The lake house is actually the vacation house of Fil-Am Mrs. Josephine Lazo Carlson, who happens to be mom of my first cousins May, Jonas and Samantha on the Abad side. She lives there three months in a year.

The minimalist design is inspired by two worlds. The architecture is American, designed by a Filipino US-based architect relative of Tita Josie, and the decor mostly contemporary native, with a couple of vintage accents like the Lazo family piano.

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My friend Jay Ramos and I lingered lengthily after a sumptuous Ilocano lunch of bagnet with KBL, lauya, ensalada and pindang a bangus from Pangasinan prepared by the hosts.

We’re moving into the hot summer season, but it was breezy out there today. The northerly lake is a natural relaxant. Jay chair-napped. You  know on one of those butaka sweet lullaby chairs.

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The Paoay Lake National Park is a feeding point for migratory birds. Mayas and kannaway are omnipresent.

The part closest to the lake is home to free-ranging native chickens. They add to the charm of the abode. The children are usually up on their paddle boards when they are in town.

To the owner, home is where the heart is and it is the Paoay Lake. It was love at first sight.

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