Shorely. It’s more fun in the Philippines!

Beachin’ on a whim with Ericke and Eugene… the best thing about weekends! Headed south to Currimao. I cannot even describe our little getaway as shoestring budget, no one actually brought cash. We had to park the Land Cruiser near the road and walked through one of the budget resorts and exited, but someone noticed and wanted to charge us entrance fees. We just passed through and it was funny that we couldn’t tell the woman our predicament nor go back. Anyhoo, thanks that she wasn’t too strict, but she did look frustrated.

beachin'shore thingsSkimboarding IlocosThe sandboarder skimsEugene skims like a sandboarder, if you noticed the stance:)Dippin'... It's more fun in the Philippines
Oppps, dippin’… it’s more fun in the Philippines!
smileshore thingCorny, the corn came with us.


The next photos were all taken from the cruiser on our way home. Stoked to go north later! Happy weekend, everyone!Pangil Wharf 2Pangil Wharf

Photographed by Blauearth, Eugene and Ericke
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