Strictly Family Affair

Euge and Alexa

The 4th of August is habitually random. Soon after digesting the sharpness of The Wolverine, the family headed to Tayamen’s.  Reny can live on exotic stuff like unskinned croakers from Piddig *trembles* and horse tapa he shares with his mates, and so if benign Tayamen’s isaw is foreign to him, he’s still a rookie foodie.


After my birthday this year, in a manner of speaking, he’s had it all in Ilocos.

Pick-Up Sticks

Happy birthday to me!

Daddy's GirlA world of his ownLazy Sunday Afternoon
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Thursday PM at Paoay Church, Stone House Cafe and Tayamen’s

A glimpse of Paoay Church

It’s mid-summer in the Philippines… the height of the Ilocos heat, but what the heck, I wrapped my head in my Red Dot silk scarf and cajoled Alexa to go with me to Paoay. Although I’ve posted photos of Paoay Church a few times, I realized I’ve never shot the inside except for a casual midnight mass 2 Christmases ago.

We parked by the Herencia Plaza and checked out the souvenir shops. At Nazarene, I got beautiful, colorful summer cotton scarves — one in tie-dyed rainbow and another large one in vibrant tribal print I intend to wear as a sarong. Alex and I each got a Sagada friendship bracelet. I also picked a cute bamboo ear reliever:)  All in all, we spent 400 pesos, which means, we still had 100 pesos (a little more than 2 US dollars) for merienda.

A rainbow of scarvesAlexandraPrintscolors of friendshipdainty crochetIlocos garlic

The nearby Strasburg Coffee serving fine blends

Paoay Church

The Paoay Church aka St. Augustine Church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It is one of the Philippines’ most beautiful churches. In earthquake Baroque style, surprisingly, it’s made of coral stones, bricks, egg whites and lime. Construction of the church was started by the Augustinian friars in 1694 and was completed and re-dedicated in 1894 during the Spanish era..

I honestly don’t like the newly installed official marker. For photographers, it is a serious annoyance. I like a clean view of the church and the bell tower with just the foliage enhancing the gorgeous panorama. More often than not, less is more.

Bell Tower and ButtressesTo churchAngel of Holy WaterConfessional BoxPrayersJesus in Stained GlassInto Paoay Churchthe young once and the young onesAt a glance...yellow bellsUnhurried Thursday

I guess Stone House Cafe (by the Airport Road in Laoag) doesn’t like Alexa. The door was open, but no one would welcome us. A little better than last time.  A nice thing, though, ‘coz our remaining 100 pesos won’t be even enough for two cake slices perhaps.

The colors inside were so refreshing that we took photos of each other. I promised Alex to take her some other time.

white wallscute guinea pigSOOC Portrait

We hopped to Tayamen’s, where surely, we can relax and eat fishballs, kikiam and isaw (barbecued pork intestines) to our heart’s delight. Tiong and Tiang were cool as ever serving street food (outside the streets) to their well-dressed and hip patrons. Mind you, the no-frills Tayamen’s is always full. We paid a sick 92 pesos for our 4 sticks of isaw, and 4 servings of fishballs and kikiam plus ice cold soda. A filling Thursday jaunt;)

Kikiam at IsawFishballs and Sukang Iloco with Sili
[Tip: Better eaten with well-aged sukang Iloco (vinegar) and sili (chili).]Barbecued Pork Intestines aka Isaw

Photographed by Alexa and BlauEarth
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Edrotin Joy Store’s Pinoy Pork Barbecue

I’m currently drawn to this pork barbecue which Brandon suggested I should try. Just this afternoon, I went again to Edrotin Joy Store for a fill. The one-year old barbecue place, with about 8 tables, occupies what used to be the Tarlaqueños Welding Shop, so don’t expect a nice, cozy ambiance. Along with smoke emanating from the grill, the dissonance on Gen. Luna Street make a streetwise ambiance.

The waiting line for take out orders is rather long. I saw a customer order 50 sticks  of pork barbecue after another one just got her 75-piece order. Manang Eva Ancheta’s (the owner’s) sidekick says that about 50-60 kilos of skewered pork, bara, balat, bagis, and occasionally, isaw are sold daily.

The pork slices are quite chunky.  The little fatty piece at the end is just a bonus for the taba lovers. I prefer to eat my barbecue with their dipping sauce made of vinegar, chopped red onions and sili. One stick is only 10 pesos. It’s hard to find good barbecue that cheap nowadays. At the public market, I guess 20 pesos is the standard price. At the end of the day, it’s not about the price…  it’s the taste that counts.

Edrotin Joy Store • Open daily from 3:30-8:00 PM • Gen. Luna Street (in between A.P.Santos and Gov. Flor Streets), Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

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