Cagayan Museum & Historical Research Center: A glimpse into Cagayan’s Ancient Past

Cagayan Provincial Capitol

In the middle of a very long queue at the Department of Foreign Affairs office inside the Tuguegarao City Hall, I hopped in a tricycab to the Cagayan Provincial Capitol and played tourist for a while. A beautiful santan garden, trees, various flora and a birdhouse (an apartment building actually!) adorn the spacious Capitol complex. It is impressive in its stately simplicity.

Amongst the old structures within the complex is the Cagayan Museum and Historical Research Center, established in 1973. Taking photographs is not permitted, but the staff were really nice and they asked me to fill up a form for approval by the curator, and fortunately, I got accommodated.

red buds and bloomslittle lilac flowerVisiting the Cagayan Museum and Historical Research Center

Visiting museums and imbibing that sense of place is not appreciated by everyone. It can get boring, at times eerie, yet it is one activity a tourist should not miss. The essence of travel, a visual experience can sometimes be a more powerful learning tool than the most scholarly writings.

Going around the museum, I am able to figure out that the northeastern province of Cagayan is a melting pot of cultures.

Though there are more Ibanags amongst all Cagayanos, comprising ethnic groups such as Negritos, Itawes, Malauegs, Ibatans among others, the Ilocano language is widely spoken.

Cagayan, a meting pot of culturesA glimpse into Cagayan's pastframed photograhs of Callao Caves

An extensive research on the Callao Cave within the karst formations along the Pinacanauan River in Peñablanca can be found in the museum. I had a chance to catch a circadian flight in a kayaking adventure down the Pinacanauan in 2006. The windblown ribbon-like motion of the million bats was such a visual treat .

Cagayan Museum and Historical Research Center: Historical Jars

Ancient jar burial tradition in Solana and the Fuga, Calayan and Babuyan Islands is likewise highlighted.

JarsCagayan Museum and Historical Research Center: The Galleon TradeCagayan Museum and Historical Research Center: The signifance of Roman Catholicism in CagayanCagayan Museum and Historical Research Center: Antique Vestments

As evidenced by the numerous centuries old churches spread across the Cagayan Valley, Roman Catholicism is deeply rooted in its past. Antique vestments are among the artifacts on display.

I missed a photography exhibit which was in the process of being transferred to the Paseo Reale in downtown Tuguegarao.

Manhattan Typewriter(1900)

Back to the DFA…Tuguegarao City Hall

Thank you to the wonderful staff of the Cagayan Museum and Historical Research Center.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

Adams, a home away from home

The sun was down when we arrived in Adams. It was quite odd finding these mini betting stations beside the little Catholic chapel during Lent… a little too early for the Adams fiesta.

Brandon and Eugene balled with the local boys before we strolled back to the homestay, where a signature exotic Adams dinner was waiting.

We listened to Eheads and Rivermaya songs performed live by the nephews of our host. Pretty nostalgic and cool. Manang Annavic was asking them to settle down, but we assured her we were enjoying the scene.

We were greeted with hot native Adams cocoa in the morning. Sweetened with muscovado, the thick cocoa drink was a good energizer.

I heart Adams cacao

The Bulo River was shallower than usual, but was inviting as ever.

Adams RiverBulo River, AdamsAlexa

We visited Sinidangan and there are already more houses than before. I was impressed that waste segregation is being practiced in the sitio.

Sitio SinidanganToy TruckWoman and her rice


Caught hikers and bikers from Manila and Laoag. Jonel, our friend, trekked to Anuplig Falls with his love.

A hearty lunch of fried frogs, coco creamed jackfruit, crawfish boiled in Sprite, exotic red ants (buos), banana heart dinakdakan, kiwet, palileng, sauteed watercress, bilagot and mountain rice.

Bucarot broom, a gift from generous homestay owner Manang Annavic Medrano.

Adams Wines

With warm hearts, we left Adams before sunset. It’s home away from home.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012