Post-election wish

The people of Ilocos Norte have spoken —  they still want the prominent political names. The smashing victory of Mrs. Imelda Romualdez Marcos in the congressional race (2nd district of the province) is a clear signal that she is still a political force to be reckoned with in Ilocos Norte.

Daughter Imee Marcos, who, at the last minute, ran against her cousin Governor Michael Marcos Keon for the gubernatorial post, won a whopping 69.34 % of the votes.

For the vice-governor’s  seat, another Marcos cousin, Board Member Angelo Marcos Barba, who ran under Keon’s ticket, won against Board Member Yvonne Ranada, Imee’s running mate.

Comeback kid Atty. Rodolfo C. Fariñas got 50.42% of the votes in the congressional race (1st district of the province). His closest opponent, young Board Member Kris Ablan (son of Congressman Roque R. Ablan, Jr., who is vacating the post) got 28.15%.

Congressman Bongbong Marcos is among the 12 leading senatorial candidates.

There we have it: old names, new posts. I hope the cracks in the so-called Solid North will heal in no time for the sake of the province. A united Ilocos Norte is the fastest way to a better and brighter future. The chosen leaders should set the tone and put the negative vibes aside.

I’m feeling nostalgic today

“Please Don’t”

David Byrne & Fatboy Slim (Feat. Santigold)

I discovered this video while browsing through other blogs. I remember my youth. I remember my dearly loved nanny who was born right across the Malacañang of the North in Suba, Paoay. I miss the Apo — the most illustrious Philippine president since he came into office. He was president when I was born.

Madam = Flair. I want her cheetah print long tunic vest, her Pucci sheath and all her sunglasses, most especially the over-size cateyes she was wearing with  the white terno… and the parasol that probably was part of the outfit. Major chicness. I guess Nancy Reagan looked frumpy in the company of Mrs. Marcos.

Bye. I’m off to the ukay place… gonna try to find an umbrella that suits this pair of eye covers. On a different note, funny how Karl Lagerfeld put it — his dark sunglasses are meant to be worn when talkin’ to strangers. Oh, well.

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P.S. The video is the first of six videos from the David Byrne/ Fatboy Slim album Here Lies Love. Read interesting tidbits about the vid — like “handbag diplomacy”.