Is it just us or is summer getting hotter? » Young Star » Article |

If you haven’t grabbed a copy of today’s Philippine Star, link to:
Is it just us or is summer getting hotter? » Young Star » Article |
The 37 Reasons by Raymond Ang, Karen Bolilia, Ralph Mendoza, Raine Mateo Calucag, Kit Singson

#35 Surf on Land … an Ilocos vacay gets even hotter with Sandboarding! A sport introduced by the LEAD (Laoag Eco-Adventure Development) Movement! The hotspot, Laoag La Paz Sand Dunes!

(Thanks, Young Star!)

Northern X-posure on Monday (Magazine) Issue 5

Yes!! It’s out!! My eco-adventure group, the LEAD Movement, in rockin’ sand adventure photos in Monday, a 3/4-inch thick corporate culture/consumerism/lifestyle mag in the Philippines. FYI, it is the Laoag Eco-Adventure Development Movement that innovated sandboarding in Ilocos.

Grab a copy and see more of the best of my beloved Norte!

With special thanks to Monday, Karl de Mesa for the story, and Paolo Seen for the photography!

Also to Mark Castro and Ericke Tan who gamely posed under the scorching heat in Norte!

Photographed by Blauearth  Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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Photo courtesy of Paolo Seen (seated)

Hang Loose in Ilocos! Softcore Sandboarding…


The new board was made for softcore sandboarders like me. From the peak, the view down below was just overpowering. Remembering my helmet was too late. I just closed my eyes and hung loose…


Book a sand dune adventure with the Laoag Eco-Adventure Development (LEAD) Movement Inc, the innovators of sandboarding in Ilocos.
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