Resto Hop With The ‘Rents

Herencia Cafe

Mom and dad are in town from Los Angeles. To refresh their taste buds as well as their memory of local delights, brought them to Herencia Cafe in Paoay and La Moda Panciteria in downtown Laoag. There’s really no place like home, I always hear that from balikbakans anywhere.

Herencia CafePinakbet Pizza

Pinakbet pizza.

Herencia Cafe

Brandon’s fish kilawin and Alexa’s carbonara pasta. My dad got cooled with Filipino strawberry ice cream and my mom colorful halo-halo.

Filipino Ice Creamhalo-haloMom and Daughter

Mom and daughter.

Ilocos Longaniza Burger with EggIlocos Longaniza Burger with Egg

Bought Ilocos burger with longaniza and sunny side-up egg at the snow cone stand outside. Decidedly good without being fancy!

Bagbagis ken Lechon de Carajay

Look! Crispy bagbagis (fried pork intestines) and lechon de carajay at La Moda Pancteria. We went heavy with meatball soup, camaron rebosado, fried calamares and pancit guisado. Mom was pleased with the homestyle cooking. Happy they can still enjoy a little of everything.

La Moda Panciteria
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