Inside Out the Andres Abode

House Visit

It’s been awhile since the last time I featured a home. In truth, I’ve been keeping eagle eye on this home and had long asked permission from the owners, Robbie and Grace, who happen to be the family’s dentists, but I always get entangled in something else. Yesterday was just too perfect — the couple was out of town, but Roy, the brother, was more than gracious to show me around. In fact, he fed me Robbie’s cheese cupcake while we talked about the long and short of it — I learned, besides designing their home themselves, Robbie is excellent in the kitchen, while Grace loves decorating and enjoys tinkering about in the garden. I also got to meet Sander, the official green thumb.

Cute Welcome

The details are very Ilocano, though the form is sort of Mexican. It took them three years to put together all the salvaged wood, antiques and the odds and ends they’ve collected in a span of another three years.

Christmas is in the air

-Christmas is in the air.

Antique LampsHouse ColorsPerspective 2Plantsa

-Antique irons

A house within a houseJuvenileDinner MusicPatioGarden Bench

The home is beautifully-planned and reflects the owners sunny outlook and love for the open air. The outdoor sheltered spots are so restful. There’s that so-called connectivity, from the exterior space to the inside.

PerspectiveTri-HibiscusTerraceOutdoor SpaceAntique Calesa Bell

-An 1897 calesa bell

A breath of fresh airSalvaged WoodFoliageWalkwayDon't step on the grassLet the light in
Ilocano Home

The house has that light, warm lived-in feel. The greens just make all the Ilocano colors stand out. Thanks to Robbie and Grace for sharing their home to us.

Exterior Space

The last days of November… I’m starting to feel the air of the season.

Photographed by Roy, Sander and  Blauearth
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