Model Behavior


I was able to take a photo of Ericke after school before she ran to moonlight as a runway model 🙂 at Jaynny Lao’s first fashion show ever. She couldn’t refuse the pretty as a model Jaynny, fresh talent in the Ilocos fashion scene. Not accustomed to strut in high heels, more so strut the catwalk, Ericke managed to finish the show (Congrats!!) not tripping or falling on her ass — her worst nightmare.

Fashion Notes

Not to forget, this Ilocana’s little fashion blog was featured in another blog with a wider Asian following. On Ericke’s fashion savvy and flair, Tongue-in-Chic’s  Tin Iglesias has this to say, “Ericke Tan of Surprisingly Kitsch is the perfect breed of young, modern Filipina. She is incredibly stylish and her ensembles always have an edge that makes her stand out from the crowd… Whether she hits a party or a beach, she always looks fabulous. Without a doubt, her blog has quickly become a lens through which to follow her fashion adventures.”

Crux of the matter

As a self-taught amateur photographer, she is one of my most favorite subjects. It’s easy working with her because she quickly gets what I want, perhaps, because she is also into photography herself. She never looks staid nor stiff — my photography peeve.

Here are some of my memorable photos of her…

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED