Share Tea one drink a day challenge: Ice blended taro with pudding

Jessica Sanchez wows the crowd with her rendition of the American anthem. She performs and looks like the late Whitney Houston in her younger days. Noticed a little slackening in Manny’s back mid-torso, or is it just me? Game begins. Pacquiao loses to Bradley via controversial split decision. He appeared shocked, but recovers as soon as he faces Mario Lopez in a brief live interview. Wife Jinkee’s confidence and poise were slightly diminished while Bob Arum is fuming mad.  The guys at the BBQ were in disbelief as well. As planned, the girls grabbed some drinks at Share Tea. The place was jam-packed, the service was slower than last night, there was a bit of confusion like I ordered a regular, but was given a large. It’s not the usual jubilant Manny Pacquiao day, so I just enjoyed my drink.

For my second Share Tea “one drink a day” challenge, it’s a large ice blended taro with pudding and 30% sugar.
Share Tea ice blended taro with pudding

It’s like a native halo-halo with lots of kamotig and tugi, but creamier, promise:) Love at first sip.

Share Tea

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012