Feeling cozy at the Ilocos Rosewell Hotel

Land Cruiser

TGIF, I had time to make a brief visit at the Ilocos Rosewell Hotel, but not unload the fastened kayaks all by myself, LOL, so they went with me all the way to San Nicolas. The exterior is quite beguiling. I was kinda amazed at how the owners were able to convert the not-so old residence building into a hotel with lots of breathing space. (I had the chance of visiting this home when it was not yet a hotel.) The rooms are spacious and nicely decorated with Ilocano stuff like preloved furniture sets, etc.. Love the unexpected explosion of colors on the walls of the otherwise minimalist-designed rooms — the Ilocanoness is evident in the color palette, just like the traditional abel fabric, drab with contrasting slivers of color, yet very easy on the eyes.

Ilocos Rosewell Hotel, LaoagIlocos Rosewell Hotel, San NicolasIlocos Rosewell Hotel, San NicolasIlocos Rosewell Hotel, San Nicolas

Room prices range between 1,200 and 3,800 Php++. A peek at the Doña Room. Below is the Presidential Suite (I hope I got it right), the biggest room according to Mr. Dexter who toured me around all the three floors.

Ilocos Rosewell Hotel, San NicolasIlocos Rosewell Hotel, San Nicolas

The Rosewell Hotel has a function room named Bamboo Pavillion and a diner named after its owner Gerry. I suddenly turned shy taking photos of tourist diners:)

I was caught in a traffic on my way back. There was a League of Basketball parade on the main street, hahah, move over, RuPaul, make way for the muse!

Liga Beki Muse

Have a great weekend, gals and guys!

Ilocos Rosewell Hotel
Website: ilocosrosewellhotel.com
National Highway, Barangay 1,  San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte
www.ilocosrosewellhotel.com Tel. No: 781 2122  CP #: (918)4610 482/ (9270)478 4190 Fax: 781 3700
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“Fort Ilocandia Iced Tea please”

Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel

Like an indomitable fortress, Fort Ilocandia Resort, the only five-star resort in the northernmost part of Luzon has had various permutations, yet it continues to attract an affluent clientele.  Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers were once guests at this renowned  holiday spot. In the province,  it is still the preferred venue for big weddings and other special events.

A few years after the much celebrated wedding of Irene Marcos and Gregorio Araneta III in 1983, its cuisine underwent considerable changes depending on its new proprietors. For awhile, it was the only place where one can have beef stroganoff and cassata milanese or baked alaska.  And then the succeeding Chinese owners introduced the Flamingo restaurant. Who could forget  their Kobe beef, the finest beef around at that time?  Another extraordinary gastronomic experience the resort offered was the Mongolian rice bar at the al fresco Coco Lobster. Chinese, Japanese and Korean chefs were also brought in. One could savor the bests of Asian cuisine like hakaw, chai tow kway, ho fan noodles,  peking duck, gyoza, assorted sushi and sashimi, teppanyaki, sukiyaki, bibimpap, bulgogi, etc. all under one roof. The latest company that manages the resort has simplified its menu sticking to the old but reliable Chinese, Filipino, American and Italian favorites; although sushi is still available in the delicatessen shop.

Sports BarIn Fort Ilocandia’s 26 years of existence, what hasn’t changed is the first-rate service and its iced tea– one of the best tasting iced teas I’ve had so far. It still has that same tangy and sweetish pomegranate taste. I’ve had roughly 7000 glasses of it!

the Fort Ilocandia iced tea

One Hundred Meter Dash fried mozarella cheese sticks, salsa and the Fort Icolandia Iced Tea

One Hundred Meter Dash (fried mozarella cheese sticks), salsa and the Fort Ilocandia Iced Tea



I love this photo - "Ericke in a fanciful moment with famous personalities

I love this photo - "Ericke in a fanciful moment with famous personalities"

[photos by blauearth]