blue Monday

I can’t get myself to start my next blog post. Still inside my camera are photos to be downloaded. Last Monday, I attended a tourism consultation meeting at the Ilocos Norte Provincial Capitol with no less than Jun Palafox and his team of the world-renowned Palafox Associates and Governor Imee Marcos. They presented a Master Tourism Plan for Ilocos Norte. Tourism stakeholders including heads of local government units were in attendance for a whole day of workshops. While talking about big dreams for tourism in the province, little did we know that the rest of the world was glued to the news… an unfolding drama was taking place in Manila.

Later in the evening, after I took a shower, I opened my television like I normally would do. The news was shocking — 8 Hong Kong nationals just died in a hostage crisis, and the hostage-taker, of all people, was a police officer.

I am saddened by what happened. I grieve for the lives that were lost. I feel the anguish of  the victims and their families.

What happened should serve as a wake-up call for the present government. More than nitpicking over the past administration, the PNoy administration should prioritize what needs to get done first. The system is just plain rotten. To set the record straight, I’m just an ordinary citizen with big hopes for honest-to-goodness changes.

The latest news, more than 100 Hong Kong tourists cut short their visit in Ilocos Norte today.

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