Share Tea one drink a day challenge: Hokkaido pearl milk tea

Share Tea Hokkaido pearl milk tea

Back  to tea time, peeps! This was supposed to be posted on Monday, but my Manila trip got in the way.

I stopped liking boba drinks ever since frustration about undercooked tapioca balls became too often. The most opportune time to refresh my buds once again. I’m not familiar with any of the Japanese sounding milk teas, so choosing Hokkaido was random. I tried it with 80% sugar level.

First sip all the way to the bottom was satisfying. Unexpectedly, the sweetness was delicate, bringing out the hint of toffee beautifully. Very clean. Now, the crux of the question, found new respect for boba drinks in the classic Hokkaido pearl milk tea… nicely cooked, chewy pearls!

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