Read, Seen and He(a)rd

While zealously furnishing feature stories for Ilocos Times about two years ago, I spotted this column with a writer’s photo, an image of a young skinhead exuding verve and pluck, quite atypical for the longest running community newspaper in the North. His trenchant writing style reminded me of the British punk rock group of the 70s, The Sex Pistols, and their controversial God Save the Queen.

Riknakem is weighty talk, but never vapid. Its owner’s adroitness with daring punk rock attitude and interesting rebellious streak made me want to follow him on WordPress, his blog host. In no time, I restarted my blogging career also via WordPress. We met on the net about a year after and then linked up with each other and became web friends. This is, veritably, only the third time I am seeing him, and not reading him.

The He(a)rd Mentality book launch

In the blogosphere, where anyone can be an author, but not necessarily an engaging one, only the stimulating and ethical bloggers will leave an indelible mark in the minds and hearts of blog visitors. I literally followed The Herd… even all the way to the Philippine Blog Awards Night at the RCBC Plaza in Makati  where he was given the honors as a finalist in the Socio-Political Category. And now, the much-awaited book by the accomplished young Ilocano writer, proudly homegrown, The He(a)rd Mentality!

Congratulations, Herdy!

My message at the launching of The He(a)rd Mentality
MMSU-UTC,  January 20, 2011, 1:30PM

Oh, I also followed Herdy’s advise to buy my own domain, after he got a If you haven’t noticed, this site is now

The scene…

The Mariano Marcos State University in Batac hosted the historical book launch.

I’m a fan of the Ianree Raquel who did the book and cover design.

My new-found friend Jun Gudoy and Ian with Herdy in a photo for Ian’s presentation.

This guy is seriously funny. Love him much! He can go on and on with his Quiling spiels and I won’t get tired. Hahahaha, sustainable entertainment!

Looking fresh in a khaki top and dark denim jeans, Ma’am Imee listens closely.

Proud parents of the shining shimmering widening forehead

See, I told you, Herdy is all too sweet!

We instantaneously recognized each other… Tina? Tita Lolita?
My balikbayan blog reader Tita Lolita Bareng-Chestnut from New Hampshire. We met through Connectivity through the blogosphere!

Omg, how could I have forgotten about this childhood favorite of mine?  Homemade baduya which reminds me of Ericta’s. Tita Lolita and I almost always talk about food, and she says that she gained some pounds because of me and my food posts. I find that sweet! I promised to take her to BergBlick.

Herdy never fails to surprise! How could he not tell me? My eyes rolled and my heart fluttered as I flipped through the pages! Ianree’s intro for Chapter V, Of Kings, Paupers and Everything in Between scared me. I’d better be real good….

To be among Portraits, after Makoy, Kris Ablan, Imelda, Rafales, etc… I’m kinda flabbergasted! Herdy, I think I need a tranquilizer when I see you, again.

And another one…

My autographed The He(a)rd Mentality.

A thousand copies of the book of the 55 essays were sold out. You may grab a copy at National Bookstore soon.

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Following ‘The Herd’ on WordPress

I am so honored that Blauearth’s Blog was endorsed by journalist/blogger  Herdy La. Yumul on his Riknakem blog and Riknakem column on the May 17 – May 23 issue (p.8) of  Ilocos Times, the oldest running community newspaper in northern Ilocos. I don’t know Herdy on a personal level.  In fact, I haven’t met him in the flesh. I discovered his blog through Ilocos Times at a time I was actively contributing articles for the newspaper, and ruminating on (re)starting my own blog. After checking out Riknakem, the blog, and some other blogs on WordPress, I knew instantaneously that WordPress was the right blog site for me. First thing that I considered was its spam protection feature; then I discovered it also has this awesome easy as pie customization features. So, I started blogging and now, Herdy will know how “Blauearth’s Blog on WordPress” was born. I literally followed him.

I admire  the man a lot. I know, for a fact, that writing for the Ilocos Times is totally for servicio publico. In a society where guns, goons and gold seem to be the law, being bold and undaunted is like digging your own grave, but Herdy La. Yumul continues to  share his views  on current political issues. Make no mistake, Herdy does not limit his honest thoughts on political issues; he writes about social issues just as well.  Truly, rikna and nakem, find out what I mean by visiting Riknakem. You might like his thought-provoking posts like the use of marijuana and his latest, circumsicion as a cultural thing.

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