Headware Kokoon: The comfiest invention


Don’t you love it when you’re all swaddled up in the softest, super nice fabric on a chilly day or night? After I got my Kokoon from Jeena Llamas of Headware and creative director Jason Luengo (who were in Ilocos with family and friends last week), I never parted with it. It’s either in my bag or on my bed, or I’m out wearing it. Everyone who saw mine wanted to own it. Hahah, no way, buy your own!


The Kokoon comes in two different kinds of fabric — reversible poly and bamboo cotton. Mine is from the bamboo cotton Elements (Earth, Wind, Fire and Water). Check them out here.

There are so many ways to keep you comfy. You can turn it into a scarf, a blanket, a sling bag or a pouch, a mat, a cover up or a malong — super adaptable and functional, it can be the best travel pal.

So here are photos with family — from the beach to the mountains. Til the next post.

Beachy DayPropColdfrontCapeConfusion¡Epa chamo!CocoonTwin SharingPicture 179Headware CocoonHeadware CocoonHeadware Cocoon

Check out the Headware FB page, select outlets (here) or you can order online via the Headware website.

Photographed by May Thomas, Samantha Jackson and Blauearth.
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The multipurpose Headware

Spotted: Headware! It’s a bandana, headband, scarf, balaclava, beannie, ninja or pirate headgear, all rolled into one. Too cool, a must for the adventurous!

I can banish bad hair days with ease:)

Headware Limited Edition Marvel

Discover more ways to wear a Headware. Former Gameplan host and Marc Nelson’s Amazing Race Asia 2 partner Rovilson Fernandez shows you how.

Available at Red Dot, F.R.Castro Ave., Laoag City.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012