Leni-Kiko supporters open volunteer center in Ilocos Norte

The first time volunteers in clannish Ilocos Norte came out to make a stand for Leni and Kiko (here), eyebrows were raised, accusations were cast, legitimacy was questioned. Unfazed, the volunteers remain hopeful and driven by the positive energy flowing from the tandem they chose to support. Because of their growing number, a center where they can meet, work together, and assist new campaigners was established.

On the 36th anniversary of the bloodless People Power Revolution, the volunteers representing diverse backgrounds, gathered to celebrate the launch of the pinkified center, located within the neighborhood of the Ilocos Norte Provincial Capitol.

“The tiny crack in the heart of the so-called Solid North is growing, and we will continue to chip away at it until that crack finally falls apart into a chasm for the light of truth to fill,” the volunteers said in a statement.

At around the same time the base opened in Laoag, a separate group from I.N. LoVe attended the EDSA Revolution commemoration activities at the EDSA Shrine in Quezon City.

Photos from the Ilocos Norte for Leni and Kiko Volunteers