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Khervin Gallandez | First Solo Art Exhibition

"Requiem" Halloween Art Exhibit

With barely three weeks lead time, “Requiem” by Khervin Gallandez is currently up at Samtoy Books til the end of the month before it proceeds to Arte Luna, Paoay, for a 2-day (All Saints’ Day-All Souls’ Day) feature. A Halloween art exhibit, the show, according to the growing Ilocano artist, is all about mysticism and surrealism. “Physically exhausted but happy” is his state of mind.

Pandora’s Box, among the acrylic artworks, struck my eye first. Passion and youth are distinctly Gallandez’s strength. The control of brush strokes makes a Gallandez grand and crisp at the same time.

"Requiem" at Samtoy BooksKhervin Gallandez's RequiemKhervin Gallandez Art PrintsRequiem to Catholics  is mass for the dead.RequiemArtworks by Khervin GallandezHis Day

“I’d like to thank, my younger brother, my partner in almost all the hardest part, Ms. Gee, the curator of Samtoy, Maribeth Macayanan, the assistant, and Sirib Youth organization,” Khervin wishes to say.

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The Dark of Laoag

The Dark of Laoag

Laoag turns virtual ghost town.

Tale of the TailMan on the Street

Happy Halloween!

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