Dim sum and more at Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant

Fish and Mustard Soup

Hearty eating is compatible with dining with my parents. Three times in a row, we ate at the Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant that has been around for quite a long time at the first floor of Peace Hotel in Binondo. I was there before, and yet the experience felt new once again. Having eaten at nearly all the restaurants in Binondo, I can sufficiently rate the quality of food from this Chinese restaurant.

Take, for instance, their hakaw. You have to wait a bit ‘coz they have to steam them fresh to avoid that dried out texture. Theirs pass my test.

Stuffed Tofu

I love(!) it when they try to meet special requests, like I asked for fresh mustard leaves in a soup, but with something else other than in the menu. The out of the box mustard and lapu-lapu combination turned out first-rate. Mom’s stuffed tofu was so appetizing. We all loved the seafood canton, which we ordered in place of rice every time.

Golden Fortune was always packed. Obviously a favorite for dim sum and hot pot. Prices are commensurate to quality, still within reach.

Golden Fortune Seafood Restaurant Ground Floor Peace Hotel 1283 Soler St. Binondo, Manila

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