Legends Classic Diner on Route 66

Legends Classic Diner

Odette picked me up in LA to go to Glendora, home to Pinky’s office. We ate lunch at a local diner famous for fun reminders of the 50s. Befitting of its name, Legends Classic Diner is located on the Main Street of America more known as Route 66. Everything’s retro in this spot. The menu consists of burgers, hotdogs, fries, tacos, shakes and actually a lot more. Kids will be entertained with all the necessary ingredients of the rock and roll era. It has a drive-thru and ample parking space.

Legends Classic DinerFish TacoFish taco for me.Legends Classic DinerDSC_4471Legends Classic DinerDSC_4489

Met Odette’s beautiful and talented girls, Valerie, Nina and Nicole. They all sing well.

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A foodie must: The Donut Man

Donut Man

Among The Food Network’s Top Ten Sweets in the US, The Donut Man strawberry donuts look awfully delicious with glazed super fresh strawberries, wow! Elvis was a fan of the donut stand on Route 66.

Says owner Japanese American Jim Nakano, on a video on YouTube, the wife told him, “You are always making money for somebody else, we should do it for ourselves, I will help you.” It was what started their donut business.

Donut Man Donuts

Odette, my childhood friend, bought a box of strawberry donuts on our way to Pinky’s home. Everything looked vicious. Fruit-filled donuts are seasonal. Peach is another bestseller. Apple Crumb and Cream Cheese sound good.

Yet fried and then glazed, one whole donut seemed not unfat. I ate my second one at home:) Thanks, Odette.

You can have your Donut Man donuts 24/7.

The Donut ManDonut Man Strawberry DonutsDonut Man donutsDonut Man donuts

The Donut Man 915 E Route 66, Glendora, CA 91740 Phone: (626) 335-9111

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