Climb Ilocos at Rizal Park

A newly-installed wall climbing facility at the Rizal Park is gaining attention. I was invited by Euge and his 2 friends for a try out after we dropped off several bags full of plastic trash from the Davila Mangroves in Pasuquin at our garage.

I wasn’t wearing sneakers so I didn’t get to finish the course. The climb holds were too tough for my bare soles. Only twenty pesos for two climbs. Gotta go back with my crew soon.

PS. It’s nine meters high.

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Summer has arrived in Ilocos!

Summer has arrived!

I noticed a rise in the temperature the past few days. I went to the beach hoping to get a few shots. OMG, it was glorious! Summer is definitely earlier this 2010! It usually starts mid-February here in Ilocos. Yehey!

TIME for…
the beach,
hangin’ loose,
sundresses and flip-flops,
tall glasses of slush and watermelon smoothie,
chill-out music,
oh, and my antiquarian floppy straw hat.

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