In the Pink of Summer


How’s your Monday, peeps? Mine’s lighter than usual, I hope yours too. We did the classic Sunday route, circa 80s. Martine was still growing the last time we went swimming at the Fort Ilocandia. It was a family routine until Brandon came and the older kids were seldom around.

I had to actually prepare in less than an hour as the Sunday spontaneity has become so typical. I realized just now that I grabbed everything in purples and pinks:)

The fortress-like resort in Ilocos is still as potent as ever.

The ersatz resort vacay…

Alexa and MartineBlending InTrap Shooting Olympian Eric Ang

– Ilocos pride, trap shooting Olympian Eric Ang, and his family were likewise enjoying the gorgeous after four sun.

SunshinePoolSunset LoungePurple HeartsPurple Sunset

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

Blue Skies and Green Grass

The Bench (One)

Goodbye, Gener…  hello, sunshine! And I mean honest-to-goodness sunshine in Ilocos after more than a week of incessant rains.


My girls, Marianne and Joan, and I were supposed to have dim sum at the Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel’s Red 8 before heading out to the Luis Medspa, but we were sidetracked by the inviting verdure… we followed the path to the lagoon and animal shelter. Everyone and everything were seemingly soaking up the calm energy.

Follow the leaderCatch of the DayThe Bench (Two)Joan and MarianneTurkeyOstriches

This ostrich scared the crap out of me. He was fast, I don’t know if furious or just in a happy playful mood.

Hi, there!Sadness

That’s sad. I love nature, but I really don’t like going to zoos or seeing animals in an awkward environment:(

red 8 dimsum
[Our lunch, sharing cold cuts (barbecued pork, century eggs, marinated pig leg slices, soyed chicken, jellyfish, pork siomai, chicken feet and shrimp dumplings (hakaw).]
Sea Breezepicnic

Lovely breeze — it gives me the idea to bring and not wear (hahah!) the picnic blanket next time.

Foot Spa

[The self-indulging hour we spent at Luis Medspa.]

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

An evening at Red 8

I just dug out food photos from my not so old files. Actually, it’s been months since Ericke’s college graduation and she now has two different jobs. In one photo, you’ll see my blog reader-turned-friend Tita Lita (well, she’s gone back to the US of A) and co-blogger-turned-friend Herdy (I really haven’t seen him after Tita Lita left Pinas). This dinner at Fort Ilocandia’s Red 8 was spur of the moment. Tita Lita and I came from REFMAD Farms and we were dressed like in wala lang. As you will see, it’s not a grand grad party. We prefer to celebrate family occasions quietly.

In an old entry, I featured Red 8’s dimsum. For this particular dinner, we ordered the family favorites. Martine and Brandon eat like the dad and mom while Ericke and Euge are the picky ones that is why we always have to order more food. And, of course, roast duck, hakaw (shrimp dumplings) and chicken feet are never absent.Tita Lita didn’t want to try the pickled jellyfish, and yet, she succumbed to my insistence that she try the made-in-China-adidas. I don’t think she liked it, though. What she loved was the hot prawn salad. I had to order another serving, but just like the first one, it was gone fast because it’s also the children’s favorite except for Alexa, who eats only Ilocano food, noodles and chocolate cake. No offense meant to Tita Lita, but it’s such a joy to dine with Herdy. He tried everything on the table. I guess he would make a good food blogger and an engaging one at that. I laughed at his story of how the noodle soup at this fast food chain branch tasted like cough syrup.

Well, that’s my food post for this week, folks. I hope Quiel permits me to shoot my current favorite barbecue place this weekend.

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