A quick stop at the Fort Ilocandia Deli and Wine Shop

I went to the Fort Ilocandia the other day hoping to give my visiting childhood friend/old schoolmate a sendoff. I missed her by a mere 10 minutes, so I dropped by the delicatessen shop, again, hoping to buy a pack of tamago sushi, but they weren’t available.

The wine display caught my attention. So new, they have their own signature fruit wines now. The mango wine is a bouquet of citrus flavors, while the black plum wine is a sweet and tarty wine made from select ripened black plums, great gifts for the wine connoisseurs or the ordinary wine lovers out there.

Their European breads are wonderful. French baguette, wholegrain rye and wheat breads are my picks.

Something to satisfy the sweet tooth are their classic pastries. The cream puffs are just delectable. Ah, sugar, sugar!

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