Revisiting a Favorite Cibo Pasta

Linguine Al Nero di Seppia

Cibo opened at the Lucky Chinatown Mall and the thought of squid ink pasta runs circles in my mind no matter if space was sick. I had to walk around the mall for one hour, go fetch my sis-in-law at the apartment and walk back to the mall and it was a nostalgic reunion with squid ink pasta.

Linguine Al Nero di Seppia

The cruelest food to eat ever! So unforgiving, you can’t say cheese and you have to act dumb until you reach a wash room! But it was so damn good! Cibo’s linguine al nero di seppia  still ecstasizes up to this day!

Spinaci ZolaTramezzini

My sis-in-law had a light pollo tramezzini. We delighted in the palate tickling spinaci zola in between mouthfuls of the entrées.

Service didn’t disappoint. I had a major accident at the first Glorietta branch when Cibo was relatively new. Because the place was spilling over, the waiter tripped and my blouse was stained, but they gave us the best dessert as a consolation. All for the love of good food, I was kind.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014

Fiorgelato Kiss

Raspberry and Bubble Gum Gelato

Look what Alexa found! I never would not have discovered the gelaterie in my neighborhood by myself. Fiorgelato is stationed at the second floor of the Puregold Laoag, in a spot that’s perfectly inconspicuous (at least for someone like me who goes to the supermarket essentially to stroll).

It’s not your pricey 100 per scoop Italian ice cream. But at best, Fiorgelato makes sense with the recognizable characteristics of gelato, which approximate to a denser, lower butterfat content kind of ice cream. As yet, I’ve already sampled five flavors — monte rosa (bubble gum), raspberry, sugar-free cappuccino, buko sorbet and tutti fruity.

Never-out-of-fashion bubble gum and tutti fruity succeed in bringing back the thrill of eating ice cream. After Häagen-Dazs was pulled out of Robinsons, not even the much-hyped about Magnum delights me.

FiorgelatoGelato SundaeChocolate Fudge Gelato Sundae

Raspberry lacked oomph while the cappuccino was a little too bitter for my taste. I wasn’t pleased with the texture of the buko sorbet, particularly not the crumbly form (I was forewarned by the assistant), but the silky-bordering-on-slimy make. The saccharine taste cuts which I didn’t expect ‘coz it’s supposed to be sugar-free.

Like Alexa who can’t get enough of their chocolate sundae, I’m hooked on tutti fruity and bubble gum.

Cappuccino Gelato
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Slice of Pia Cayetano’s

Slice Cafe cupcakes and muffins

The other side of the outdoorsy, eco-defending senadora Pia Cayetano is revealing. Slice cafe/bakery in Bonifacio High St. Central in Taguig is a slice of her creativity and enthusiasm for healthful living.

According to Slice’s Facebook page, “Slice is where breakfast is served all day, dessert is at the top of the menu and healthy alternatives are always recommended.”

After going out of town over the weekend, Ericke came home with boxes of Slice muffins and cupcakes. She handed me my yema cupcake, Slice’s bestseller. The size is modest. The yema (candied egg yolk) matched the beautiful, fairly thin texture of the chocolate cupcake, all in all tasting much like a Toffifee sans a hazelnut. Love the idea of prettifying a cupcake with dainty swirl roses.

Sticking to Slice’s eco-friendly attitude, the boxes came in a reusable bag. Clever packaging is important to punch up an otherwise hard-to-embrace cause and culture besides attracting people to wonderful options. More power to Slice!

Yema Cupcake from Slice Cafe
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