New at Far East Plaza: Pearl River Deli and Lasita

I haven’t been to the Far East Plaza since 2019. Whenever I go, there’s something new. I don’t see some of the spots I used to frequent. And I also missed the opening of Pearl River Deli by the same chef of the famous Hainan chicken rice place in Arcadia, Side Chick. So Chef Johnny Lee is now closer with PRD, but his Hainan chicken is available only on certain days. I got lucky that one of his weekend offerings was something perfect for my special diet. Dieting was never in my vocabulary before. Now, it’s my number one concern. I literally want to live longer as in longevity is something I’m working on currently. It has turned into a full-time career, taking care of my health. Back to what I ordered, I was so happy with my lamb neck pancake wrap — well-seasoned, tender lamb bits with a nice, chewy, flaky pancake underneath.

My lamb neck wrap.

Alex and my mom enjoyed char siu on rice and silky shrimp scramble. Amazing that they have vegan options, so I tried the healthier mushroom chow fun which turned out to be a great alternative for beef chow fun.

Alexa’s char siu over rice.

The cooking was distinctively Chinese, but you’ll know it comes from a different level, like it’s not your typical grandma’s style. It has that modern flair and youngish vibe to it that someone like my mom could still appreciate. Happy she was happy.

For dessert, we went to Lasita, the space that Filipino restaurant Lasa used to occupy. One of the chefs is still the same one running Lasita. I will need to go back for the chicken inasal which is a family fave.

The Tita Mel halo-halo by Tito Rudy.

I was drooling while looking at my mom’s white halo-halo with a modern mix of melon, sago, honey brittle, melon horchata (instead of milk), chia seeds and pinipig. It sounded definitely more interesting than the classic halo-halo with ube ice cream. She said it was good. Again happy that she was delighted with my pick. We were lucky to have chanced upon Tito Rudy’s halo -halo pop-up.

Until our next food adventure. I wish to blog more often now that I have more time doing nothing.

Oh, thanking you for dropping by BlauEarth after all these years. I hope you are all healthy, safe and vaccinated. Keep your masks on peeps!


Burgers 99 in a pandemic era

My foodie Brandon just knows where to bring his fellow foodie and self-proclaimed burger connoisseur mom.

When most mom and pop shops went shaky due to uncertainty, here came another burger shop. Last year, on the brink of a pandemic, the guys of Badmaash plus chef Geovanny Delgado introduced classic burgers (at least in looks), but full of surprises, like the Hickory bacon burger has that pleasant tangy flavor all too different from the cultish Apple Pan’s, and the simplest burger on the menu, hamburger, appears as neat as In-N-Out’s, but is strikingly seasoned with kicking flavors uniquely theirs. Cumin and coriander in an American burger? It’s that Indian representation that makes it not just another burger. Multicultural Los Angeles just got another bead in its string of arguably the world’s best burgers.

My latest burger experience was well worth the trip to LA’s District La Brea.


Brunch at Trois Familia


My sister asked me to meet her for brunch at Trois Familia on Sunset. I didn’t have to google the place for Sunset has become my park. It stands on an unpresuming strip mall. The long line especially on Sunday mornings hinted good food. But it actually took me more walks before realizing it’s an eatery; at one point I thought it was some clinic, forgive me.

I finally get to dissect Trois Familia. It opened only in October. Trois comes from its three chefs Ludo Lefebvre, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo (the last two ring a bell ‘coz I also always pass by a full-packed Jon & Vinny’s, on Fairfax, a street that has also become so familiar to me). I learn there’s also a Trois Mec and a Petit Trois on Highland. And Familia is (probably) the apt second name for what it’s all about — a homey space, communal tables and French Mexican fusion brunch and lunch only. I admire the use of enamelware, something that conjures a provincial vibe similar to that of tacos and churros.

Crispy hash brown chilaquiles with sunny-side up egg, cotija and salsa macho

My sister ordered a hash brown chilaquiles with a cotija-sprinkled sunny sideup and lively salsa macho that gives just enough kick. It opened up the palate for more — a galette crepe infused with chorizo and topped with a nice runny egg and avocado milk, and a churro French toast with a scoop of Salt & Straw vanilla ice cream and lots of cinnamon. I liked every dish, flavorful but not heavy.

Galette CrepeChurro French Toast with Salt & Straw Vanilla Ice Cream and Mexican Chocolate

The menu is eclectic with duck confit, beet tartare tostada, chicken Milanesa, nachos, poached egg omelette sandwich, tres leches birthday cake, etc.

It’s in Silver Lake and the space is not too big, and no reservations here, so you have to go early.

See you on Sunset!

Trois Familia
3510 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026
(323) 725-7800
Open 10am-3pm

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