Flip-flopping to Dupé

Dupé flip-flops

I used to turn a blind eye to the Dupé pop-up shop at the big mall in San Nicolas. I thought, perhaps, they were literally the second-class version of my fave Brazilian flip-flops. Until my last visit to MODi at the Puregold, a building away from where I live, the soles grabbed my curiosity. The material looked suspiciously unfamiliar and well, kinda gelatinous, but the sales assistant says they’re made of rubber. And so I sampled the squishy feel. My tired tootsies sprang with joy, my nerves cheered and my mind won’t disconnect!

The pretty shorter straps, flattering shape and colors evenly match the overall feel.


Fyi, Dupés are from Brazil.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

Pin your pairs of Havaianas

Red Dot is inviting you to a special 3-day event on September 4, 5 and 6, 10:00AM-6:00PM at the Red Dot Laoag-Activity Area.

Style your Havaianas and choose from over  20 pins available + letter pins and Swarovski crystals.

Put your personality into your Havaianas.

Havaianas-clad itchy feet

I went to Red Dot to settle my pledge for World Vision in exchange for a cool black  lightweight mini hard shell luggage-style make-up case that can double as a case for my huge Nikon D90 camera. The soft case that came with the camera is all tattered and ugly. In fact,  more often than not, I ended up using my bare hands to keep my cam safe throughout rugged road trips. You see, my ride is steel box, a vintage Toyota Land Cruiser. Going back to World Vision, it is a Christian relief, development and advocacy organization that promotes Education For All. With the steep price of P4,600.00 I bidded for the case at an auction, one of the many highlights of the Red Dot owner’s birthday party, I am, with greater reason, happy that I was able to pay 7 months for a child’s education; I made sure that I won the case.

Now, look what I found at the Red Dot store. I don’t know if I should call them pins or buttons.  Pininho says they’re pins. The smiley and hibiscus I fancied were among the pretty wide Pininho collection of adorable pins. In a jiff, my favorite Havaianas look more like me. Aloha, hello! And guess what? They are not just for your Havaianas flip-flops. You can funkify almost anything… with a creative mind, there are no boundaries. I’m eyeing the metal-like pins for my next project.

And, oh, this reminds me of  the new and exciting Havaianas-Conservation International flip-flop collaboration. Havaianas has pledged 7% of the sales from the collection for the Brazilian Marine Environmental Conservation. These limited edition Havaianas might not reach the Philippines, but just the same I feel good about the idea, which, I’m sure, will be a huge hit, especially with its timely marine environment conservation advocacy campaign.

RED DOT is located at 72 F.R. Castro Avenue, Laoag City.
Photo by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED