Laoag’s St. Santiago Temple Lauriat Festivities

Once again, the Filipino-Chinese community in Laoag gathered together to celebrate the Feast of St. Santiago Temple  (located at the City Lunch Building) on the opening of four consecutive nights of  Chinese lauriat. Lauriat is a Chinese tradition of  serving a  banquet on a  lazy Susan turntable, the most common nowadays is a 10-course lauriat dinner. In the olden times, lavish  lauriat dinners, exceeding 12 courses, were so common among the Chinoys; they always accompanied special occasions such as New Year’s, feasts, weddings, engagements and birthdays.

Good blessings are believed to come back a hundred fold to the generous people who sponsor the Chinese temple festivities. (Read my feature on last year’s event)

Braised noodles

Assorted appetizers — kikiam, taro cake, pork cabbage rolls, sweet and sour pork

Squash soup

Steamed prawns with garlic

Deep fried fruit salad roll with pickled radish

Steamed fish

Steamed crabs

Braised abalone with broccoli

Braised pork, or homa, with buns

Flattened rice balls with garlic in syrup

Almond jelly with mixed fruits

After the 2-part dessert, I badly needed a cup of tea, but there was no tea in sight. Maybe, I’ll have to sponsor tea the next time around

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