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Marcos Museum

We brought Alexa to the the newly redone Marcos Museum in Batac (one of the elements of the Ilocos Norte government-promoted Marcos Trail tourism product). Ever since her initial experience at the Museo Ilocos Norte, she has developed a thing for museums.

1965 was the year that changed the course of history for many of us Filipinos. It was the year that Ferdinand E. Marcos sat into power.

Marcos Museum

Ilocanos adored the Marcos couple. In my growing years, I thought he was king and she was queen. Being a Lo, I asked my parents if Marcial Lo was an angry relative.

Losing his chief political rival, Benigno S. Aquino Sr, in 1983, made a dent in his national popularity. People power rose, making the widowed Corazon C. Aquino the new icon of democracy. Son Noynoy follows in the footsteps of his mother.

There is nothing new in the museum. In an old post (that needs some serious updating), I wrote, “The YARDSTICK against which all new leaders in the province are measured since the late President Marcos remains to be him — the Apo. He was brilliant and left the nation with many accomplishments including the thousands of laws he has written that are still in force and in effect. During his time, the province was solid with no political bickering at all.” Martial Law isn’t explained in the museum. Nothing is also said about the former president’s last years in Hawaii.

Rumors are rife that only son Senator Bongbong Marcos is running in 2016. Will there be another Marcos president in our future?

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I didn’t know Alexa liked calamay which she saw from the side street vendors. I made good my promise to buy her snow cone in Paoay. So that was our Sunday afternoon, folks. Have a good week.

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I’m feeling nostalgic today

“Please Don’t”

David Byrne & Fatboy Slim (Feat. Santigold)

I discovered this video while browsing through other blogs. I remember my youth. I remember my dearly loved nanny who was born right across the Malacañang of the North in Suba, Paoay. I miss the Apo — the most illustrious Philippine president since he came into office. He was president when I was born.

Madam = Flair. I want her cheetah print long tunic vest, her Pucci sheath and all her sunglasses, most especially the over-size cateyes she was wearing with  the white terno… and the parasol that probably was part of the outfit. Major chicness. I guess Nancy Reagan looked frumpy in the company of Mrs. Marcos.

Bye. I’m off to the ukay place… gonna try to find an umbrella that suits this pair of eye covers. On a different note, funny how Karl Lagerfeld put it — his dark sunglasses are meant to be worn when talkin’ to strangers. Oh, well.

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P.S. The video is the first of six videos from the David Byrne/ Fatboy Slim album Here Lies Love. Read interesting tidbits about the vid — like “handbag diplomacy”.