Outdoors with the Batibols Bikers

“The difference between school and life? In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson. – Tom Bodett

After four nerve-wracking weeks, I finally had the ultimate luxury of hanging out in the woods, with the boys and the Batibols Bikers, a bunch of weekend downhill bikers. I had a chill time photographing them fly their bikes. The awesome Mini Batibols were just amazing – so confident and skilled at a very young age. Their mentors, the older members of the group, were really proud of them. It’s all about motivation.

10 year-old downhiller Bianco Reyes

MTB junkie Jackie de la Cruz.

The rolling terrain of Camandingan, Batac, is a nice playground for the extreme sport, though I expected a more lush environment. The earth was so dry, the bell peppers and eggplants looked like prunes and some, like loofahs.

The boys' seaweed lunch.

9 year-old Lucius Cunanan and Bianco.

So cute, Mini Batibols Bikers Dylan and Lucius:)

Life is a big adventure. Adventure or nothing…

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Laoag Off-Roaders at the NAsFOR Cauayan event: Only real men survive pressure in grace…

Glenn Guerrero and Brandon Tan of the Laoag Off-Roaders compete in the hardcore off-roading world of the National Association of Filipino Off-Roaders, popularly known as the NAsFOR, at the Gawaygaway-yan 2010 in Cauayan City, Isabela. The intense 2-day event (April 10-11 2010) was a display of guts, skills, machines, sportsmanship and camaraderie.

For making the Tough 20 of the NAsFOR event, the duo were awarded certificates and goodies from Colt 45 and ASG-Ultra Lube MFR Motor Oil. A big congratulations to all the event organizers and participants.

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SANDBOARDING: The Newest Reason To Visit Ilocos

Ever so proud of the LEAD Movement, the forward-looking Laoag-based eco-adventure group of which I am one of the founding members, I congratulate my fellow-LEADers for sharing their vision for Ilocos Norte, in respect to travel and tourism.  They conceptualized the latest sport to experience in the Philippines, and of course, only in Ilocos, since it is only in Ilocos Norte, Laoag Sand Dunes in particular, where there are steep slopes suitable for the adventure. Sandboarding is like any other board sport (e.g. surfing, mountainboarding, skimboarding, skysurfing, snowboarding and skateboarding) except that it has to be played on sand.

In this extreme sport, I assure you, it is quite easy to get yourself started… no snowboarding or skateboarding experience required. All you need is a board and loads of guts… then head to the Desert of La Paz, where you can get your adrenalin fix and at the same time marvel at this natural wonder.

Visit and like the Ilocos Sand Boarding page on Facebook.

The LEAD Movement prepares for another sandboarding adventure along the slopes of the Laoag La Paz sand dunes.

Ready for the drop...

The Thrill...

MC, The Man

Zooming down amidst pure natural beauty...

Ilocos  Sand Boarding Contact #s 0919-873-5516 / 0932-358-7521/ 0917-523-0331.

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